Saturday, 13 March 2010

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad...

... I simply remember my favourite things and then I don't feel so bad.

If I've had a bad day or feel down I put a skirt on, the more billowing the better. Here's a few of my favourites.

These two were made for me by Etsy seller Chopstix Waits. She uses the most beautiful fabrics and makes the most beautiful things. They don't look nearly as fantastic in pictures as they do in real life, I love wearing them. The one on the right is a very recent purchase, she hand-dyed the fabric, chopped it up into tiny pieces and then overlocked them together very artfully. People have said I could have made this myself but I'm afraid I just haven't got the patience to work with such tiny bits of fabric.

This one is one I made for myself, I apologise for the horrendously tacky way it has photographed. It is made from purple and silver glossy, very smooth spun velvet which has the best drape. I love it but save it for very confident days as it is more than a little 'wahey, look at me, I'm wearing a velvet skirt'!

I've saved the best til last. It's not billowing or even voluminous but it is so amazing I can easily forgive it.

Made from vintage curtain fabric and bought from Ebay as a maxi skirt which I deemed at the time to be too loud (I don't do regrets but this comes perilously close) so I chopped it in half and made two skirts out of one. I kept this one and sold the other for £6-odd which is what I'd paid for it in the first place so technically it was free. I like free things =)

NB All these skirts are full or at least a-line, Muriel makes skirts hang straighter than they are.

What is your favourite comfort garment?

Before I go I'd just like to add a note to my previous post. I realise I was meant to post my fantasy bag but in all honesty I don't have one. I like bags of all different shapes and sizes but none are perfect. I don't generally like 'designer' bags with all the unnecessary and clunky hardware and for some reason I don't like chain straps. I try to always be happy with what I've got, which I almost always am. As for spending large sums of money on a bag, I would like to quote Eithne Farry from her book 'Yeah! I Made it Myself', 'I am not a big fan of brand-new luxe handbags that cost a fortune...for that kind of pirate treasure-chest money, I'd rather go on a few holidays and spend my doubloons on crazy golf and ice cream and wine.'


  1. I can't take my eyes off that last skirt - what an amazing piece of fabric!

    I totally agree with Eithne Farry (and you). The most I've ever spent on a bag was £60 and I agonised over it for weeks!

  2. The colours in the top right skirt are sensational and I love the paisley print on the last one. All that colour must make you feel a million dollars!


  3. I love the overlocked patchwork! So pretty! :)

  4. Those skirts are brilliant, particularly the last one - what divine fabric. I've been wanting the rainbow patchwork circle skirt someone on Craftster made, but I have no patience for things like that.

    My most expensive bag to date was a Roebuck at £25 and I felt terribly guilty over it. My blogged 'dream bag' is $60, which is as expensive as I would ever hope to pay for something which I'm just going to end up stuffing with junk anyway!

  5. I love your spilt clothing personality veering from the multicoloured wonders today to black head to toe! You crack me up!
    I'm sure the overlocked number is more complicated than it looks.
    VIcki xx

  6. Some fantastic skirts,esp that last one!!The print is to die for!
    My favourite comfort garment...hmmm....probably an old black petticoat I often wear around the house.In general,any frock,I guess!

  7. Oh my goodness! That last skirt looks like the stuff dreams are made of! I adore all of them.
    I'm not into posh bags either. I'd rather have 6 x £1 bags plus a month in Goa any day of the week, so glad I'm not alone!
    My favourite thing is either my Bayeaux tapestry maxi or my Hendrix maxi dress.

  8. Oh those skirts are just insanely beautiful

  9. I just love the velvet one... but the last is my favourite! I can't imagine ever feeling sad with that swishing around my knees!

    The yellow printed skirt I found in a charity shop for £3.99 makes me insanely cheerful. I just love it!