Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Firstly the contents of a parcel I received from the super glamorous and super generous Vix

A gorgeous wrap bangle, a necklace that fascinates everyone who sees it, a pair of earrings that make the prettiest noise in your ears and an amazing card made from a hand painted leaf. Some coats

and some tee skirts which are a bit small for Muriel, they are supposed to be loose but they were made for people much smaller than me!

There's more (quite a lot more actually!) but I don't want to bore you rotten!
Hope everyone's enjoying the slightly cooler weather!

Monday, 28 June 2010


Hello! Long time no blog!

In truth I haven't got all that much to write about, most of my time and pretty much all my brain space is being taken up with sewing. A big apology to the MSE girls, I've all but dropped off that particular planet although I have a quick snoop now and again. I have decided that I shall blog when time permits but it will probably be mostly photos of what I've made. Incidentally I do welcome constructive criticism and if something I've made tickles your fancy I also welcome sales!

Sadly however my hard disk is full to bursting so I can't get any pics up for the time being, I'm sure I'll remember how to do that thing where you make room for new stuff eventually!

Bye for now! xx

Sunday, 13 June 2010


Thought I'd do an outfit post from the wedding I went to last night.

I've learnt 3 things

1) Sometimes I look EXACTLY like my Mum

2) I should never, NEVER go sleeveless

and 3) My hair needs to HURRY UP AND GROW! Short hair never has been and never will be my thing.

You can't see the colour of my hair very well, I mixed Special Effects blue velvet and atomic pink, I am given to understand that will give me the longest lasting purple possible but unfortunately it has gone very dark. I like it though and hopefully it will fade to lighter purple quite quickly.

dress - thrifted, originally Wallis £6.99
gladiators - Peacocks £12
necklace - courtesy of Vix
vintage bag - from Helga
bracelet - Primark £1.50
earrings - thrifted 95p

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Thrift score

Just a quickie post with some things I got in the local animal rescue shop yesterday. I don't go in there often as they generally don't have anything worth having and what is there is overpriced but yesterday Mr Fuzzyfelt dragged me in as he'd not been in before.

Three singles, 50p each

And these AMAZING shoes for £3

The white bits I'll dye purple. I think they are going to look top notch when they're done. A bit mad aren't they?
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Simple pleasures

Yesterday it rained. With a capital R, A, I, N, E and D. I was on the school run at the time and both the Youngest Offspring and myself got soaked. When we got home we took our wet clothes off, changed into dry ones and had half an hour sitting down with a hot drink and a book. It was lovely and peaceful and so relaxing it made me want to get wet more often!

Here's the bag I picked up at the vintage fair on Saturday (BTW huge apologies Alex, I am sometimes very dense and assumed because it was in Liverpool you'd know about it. Yes, my thought processes often have no logic!)

I was sitting on some steps while the Offspring had a cupcake (I have just been told off and been instructed to call her Lydia as she doesn't like offspring) and I spotted it on a nearby stall, it was positively calling to me. It was £8.50 and when I opened it it was completely pristine and the lining proclaimed it to be Jaques Vert, the yellowing leather care leaflet tucked into the inside pocket was the only clue to its vintage. I'm not usually an 80s girl but I'm making an exception in this case!

I'm going to a thing in Wrexham on Saturday, it seems to be a craft / vintage fair with live music as well. I'm not sure if it's going to be any good but it's free entry so nothing to lose. If anyone local is reading this it is at Central Station in the afternoon.

You might like to nip over to YouTube now to listen to some Offspring because despite what Lydia thinks they are really very good!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

It's vintage darling!

On Saturday I went to a vintage fair in Liverpool. It was very well worth going and I can't wait for the next one, I'll be saving up though, besides my splashing out a bit there was also the youngest offspring's love of accessories at the fair and her Primark spree to contend with and we spent £100 - yeek! Here's my spoils.

This is a large piece of fabric destined to become a mini dress, possibly a shift dress. Some kind of braid may well be involved. The shades of green are much richer and brighter in real life.

A fantastic stretchy printed nylony top (Mum did tell me the proper name for the fabric but I have memory issues!), again much better greens than the picture suggests. Some lengthening or shortening of the sleeves will be necessary but I'm not sure which yet.

I don't think this is vintage but it looks it. It's a fabulous shape but at least 2 sizes bigger than I am. It shouldn't be too hard to take in. Also the straps need to be lengthened a bit, not sure how I'm going to do that yet. I will wear this with a wide black belt to echo the black peek-a-boo lining.

There was also a handbag but I'm saving that for another day (for that read forgot about it until I'd taken all the photos and uploaded them!)
Here's a picture of me taken at the camp site last week, amazingly I'm not posing, I didn't even know it had been taken. I wore the skirt almost all week.

I got Mum to model my latest coat, the colours are completely random on this one (better in real life as per usual), I just wanted to clear some of the mess out of my sewing room so this was essentially made from scraps.
Things aren't too wonderful here, I'm struggling with life. She Who Has Autism has really upped the ante lately and if we get through the day without any major stress I consider myself lucky. I'm lying fairly low, trying not to get too grumpy and trying very hard not to eat too much.
Roll on the summer hols when fingers crossed things will get a bit easier!