Sunday, 21 March 2010

Last night a dj saved my life

He didn't, but a great song is always worth a mention don't you think?

Last night was Mr Fuzzyfelt's monthly Saturday dj gig in the local wine bar. It is a fantastic place, it hasn't changed at all since the 80s, a lot of the same posters on the wall, the same red and green swirly toilet walls, the same converted Singer treadle sewing machine tables, the same candles stuck in wine bottles and their fairy light collection grows each year and that's never a bad thing!

I tried to get a few pics to capture the essence of the place but since we were in the upstairs room and downstairs was too busy to photograph it hasn't really worked. Here's a little corner anyway...

Here's what I wore

I'm sure I didn't look quite as demonic in real life and the weird eye thing is due to the copious amounts of glitter eye liner I was wearing. I've no idea what the blue thing is on my neck as I don't have a blue thing on my neck! The dress is from Next Runway bought in the sale after Christmas for about £15 reduced from something like £42. It has cut out shoulders, fluttery sleeves and zips down the front and is very comfortable and flattering. The boots were from Primark and a bargain at £12, I have them in teal too and don't wear them nearly enough. The silver tassel necklace was a £2.95 charity shop buy from a few weeks ago.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of days as I have a little giveaway for you...


  1. You look hot!!Sounds like a fab wino bar!!!

  2. fab boots, I'd love to see you in the teal ones :)

    Also you're hair looks beautiful, have you have it done and I missed it? xx

  3. What a stunner! That indeed looks like a cool place to hang out. Hope the set went well.

  4. You look great! Love those boots.

  5. Lovely outfit, I want to know if you've had your hair done too?
    Aren't Primark fantastic for boots!
    Vicki xxx