Monday, 24 May 2010

Once again, it's been a while...

This is what I like to see, the face of a ten year old concentrating hard on the sewing machine

I was very proud of her, she was just practising with some scraps and she made a stretchy belt thing with fabric bits dangling from it which was very wearable. She loves sewing but the lure of the internet, Disney Channel and playing with friends is usually too much.
Here's a tee shirt I bought last week in Oxfam, I couldn't resist the lovely rainbow print

It now looks like this

It only took about ten minutes to cut and sew but then I decided to make the braid myself, I plaited six strands of wool, it took AGES but I think it was worth it.

Here's some more things I've made recently

You might notice my hoods getting ever more extravagant, some of them have even got sparkly tassles, I might have to start reining myself in a bit!

And finally, here's a picture of Mr Fuzzyfelt and myself at a rather splendid barbie at the weekend. I think I was quite near the bottom of a bottle of sweet white at the time!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Purple people eater - or new hair alert!

Better isn't it? I've not had purple hair since my mid-20s but I really like it. Excuse my weird half-face!

A couple of things I've made recently -

Grey heart print angora hoody.

Blue 'denim' coat

Burgundy/purple/pink hoody dress. Please excuse the bad pic quality and colours, I photographed this one on my phone.

This weird thing is for a band I know, they wanted a huge screen to project images onto. It might not look it but it is HUGE - about 4m x 5m. the ribbons are there to tie the screen to whatever is available, later on I might have to sew new ribbons part way in from the side so it can be used smaller.

I bought a new handbag last week from a charity shop for £1, I just love it =)

Nothing special, it's plastic and unbranded. I think it was unused though. It measures about 8"x 8" and is just the right size for my everyday bits and bobs.

And finally, a new book!

It's the follow up to my favourite book ever (Yeah! I Made it Myself) and there are lots of things I want to make in this one. I haven't read it yet as it only arrived today but I've thoroughly flicked through it and despite the paper not feeling nearly as nice as the last book and just smelling completely wrong (the smell of a book is important, right?) I already know I love it. I can recommend it to anyone wanting to make wearable bits and bobs. I am especially thrilled at the idea of making fake fur ear muffs using an alice band as a base!

Now if you'll excuse me I need SLEEEEEEEEEP!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

The importance of being idle

I'm still not entirely comfortable with blogging but as it has been pointed out if I let my weirdo ex stop me from doing what I want then he's won. I have however removed some bits and bobs from here that I would prefer him not to see.

My life is always busy - 2 offspring at home, voluntary work, sewing, sourcing materials for said sewing, cooking, cleaning, ignoring the gardening etc etc but just lately things have gone ridiculous. I seem to be out all day every day and when I finally sit down in the evenings I just collapse. Yesterday afternoon at 6pm I completely as 'they' put it, hit the wall. I was supposed to be going to a wine tasting evening (a friend is dating a wine merchant - how brilliant is that haha?) but I elected to just sit in a chair. Apart from a quick necessary trip into town this afternoon I'm still there.

I think I need to take it easy and even maybe start going to bed a little earlier. I've also put my voluntary work on hold for a little while until I've caught up with myself.

Sorry, that was a bit of a boring ramble wasn't it?

So last weekend we went camping, the two girls and myself and three other families. Here's our camp

Needless to say mine's the black tent! For any camping geeks out there it is a Vango Weekender with canopy and I love it, it's the best tent I've ever had, it goes up in ten minutes, copes very well with the Welsh weather and for so much tent it is ridiculously cheap. The weird white thing on top of it is a gazebo in the next field.

I don't remember it being warm enough for tee shirts at any point over the weekend but it must have been

The two bigger people belong to me, the little one belongs to a friend. You get a sneaky peek into the tent's spacious living room here, not that we ever use it, as you can see the canopy is plenty big enough for sitting in.

The camp site is on a farm 5 miles away, some people think it is funny we camp so close to home but to me it makes perfect sense because

a) my car is the little Fiesta in the picture of the tents. There is room for the girls or the camping equipment, not both

b) minimal petrol consumption makes for less money spent

c) I live in the middle of a small town. As you can see, the campsite is a field and bears no resemblance whatsoever to where I live or to anywhere I see in my day-to-day life

d) they have baby cows! Aren't they cute? They have chickens too, last year my friend caught an egg coming out of a chicken's rear end and popped it straight in the frying pan. That's just a bit TOO fresh for my liking!

and e) at 7pm the farmer/site owner puts a massive rubber sheet on the back of his tractor, everyone sits on it and he drives round the site as fast as he can manage. Not been brave enough to try it myself but the offspring love it.

Are you a happy camper or strictly a hotel girl?