Wednesday, 3 March 2010

By special request...

...from the lovely Loulou of here is a picture of my victorian style skirt

Please excuse the creases, it's been on my bedroom floor. It's not nearly as sweeping and dramatic as it feels when it is on but I like it, it's a bit different. The dark grey panels are a bit difficult to see but they are in a tiny swirly sort of print. I bought it from Etsy seller Demandablue for a very reasonable price, $42 I think. She has a few different styles of skirt all very similar to this and you can custom order them in any length and size. I've styled it here with the jumper I made out of two old boring v-necks, nothing groundbreaking but it is a nice flattering shape.

Today's Outfit

This outfit made me laugh, I pulled out a few innocuous looking garments from my wardrobe and once on I realised what a total goth I look! I like it though, it is pretty much my default style although I have many many more, I'd be so bored if I always looked the same. Although you probably can't tell from the picture I'm wearing lovely dark shiny purple eye shadow and Collection 2000 purple glitter eyeliner - the best there is IMO. Oh, and I neglected to change out of my slippers, the beautiful sheepskin boots so don't look any further down than the knees!

What isn't showing up is the 140 denier purple tights worn underneath large-holed fishnets - anyone know what they are called? I'm sure there is a proper name for them. On reflection I'm not sure the draped cardi really works here, I think I need a fitted one. I have a shortage of fitted cardis because they are usually pretty short which makes me look vast and really, I don't need any help in that department!


  1. 1. The Victorian skirt is gorgeous! I love the tiered ruffle and the contrast panels. Thanks for letting me see it. ^_^
    2. I like the details on your homemade top; I never thought about doing that.
    3. Today's outfit is even more fab as I thought it would be.
    4. Don't put yourself down, you have a great figure & I love your style!
    5. I think the wide fishnets are called whale-nets, but don't quote me on that.

    Lou xx

  2. Goth rocks,baby!!
    Loulou is right,don't put yourself down!!You are beautiful!!Besides,there are plenty of people out there who can do that for you!!
    I have no idea what big fishnets are called,but I like "whale nets"Thats fab.

  3. What a fantastic skirt. Love it! I'm in awe of your revamping skills.
    Making everything look a bit goth just means you've got a strong look so your cool personality transforms every garment you wear.
    I don't think you need to change anything in the last outfit (except perhaps the slippers). You look fab.

  4. I hope they are called whale nets!!!

    The colour of the top in the outfit you are wearing really suits you.


  5. They are called Whale nets. I'm glad someone else said it too!
    You don't look bad as a goth, stick with what you love.
    Vicki xx

  6. Beautiful, beautiful skirt. I love Victorian style.