Friday, 5 March 2010

Mini spree

Today I went to Liverpool with my ever-faithful companion and the oldest of my offspring who needed various things as she is to fly out to an unknown destination in April to reprise her role as overseas rep for Thomas Cook. We deposited Mr Fuzzyfelt in Probe records (where I later felt obliged to buy a Monkees 5 cd box set for a measly £16.99) and the offspring and I went to Primark for the obligatory splurge. I spent £63-something, very little of it was spent on my things for a change. It wasn't bad considering I bought her a VAST new suitcase for £25 - they have some very nice luggage by the way.

Here is what I bought - and my justifications for doing so!

black liquid eyeliner - £1 - I needed a new one and I thought it was worth trying for the price. I've tested it and it was very easy to apply and is waterproof. Result! I'll be back to get the other colours.

Pink sequin heart purse - 50p - this was reduced from £1.50. I think every girl should have a pink sequin heart purse, it's a good size too.

Black legwarmers - £1 - my old ones are falling to bits after a lot of wear.

Black sequin beret - £2 - reduced from £5, sequin berets usually look too small on my head but this one is bigger and what a bargain!

Elastic belt with a pink and black butterfly clasp - £2.50 - I do sometimes wear an elastic belt and the one I have is too big. Also this one has a butterfly on it - winner.

2 scoop neck t-shirts - £2 each - to make into one much nicer, better fitting one. Primark t-shirts are made out of nice fabric and £4 for a top is still cheap.

a sarong that I will use as a scarf - £2.50 - you can't see it very well on my quilt but it's the stripy thing.

I almost bought the tights with hearts on but they only come in 2 sizes and I need xl for the length so didn't want to risk £3.

So a total £13 me-spend, pretty restrained and it is all stuff I will get lots of use out of.

We also went to Quiggins which someone had described as being like Afflecks in Manchester. Afflecks from what I remember was full of fairly dodgy shops selling stripy jumpers, stripy socks, stripy tights and neon cosmetics. Quiggins however was crammed with vintage shops selling lovely things. I tried on an 80s faux fur black and grey zebra coat reduced to £35, the lovely friendly girl running the shop said I could have it for £30 but sadly the shoulders were at least 3 times wider than me so I had to leave it. There was even a 'proper' vintage shop which had the most beautiful, immaculate genuine Victorian cape and a long heavily embellished velvet gown with a train, there was no clue as to its origin but it was one of the most beautiful garments I've ever seen. Well worth a visit if you're in Liverpool, it is just a stone's throw from Primark and the cafe upstairs is really cheap.


  1. Cor, the goth done good! Loving the sequinned beret, I've a massive head and have trouble getting hats to fit and the CD sounds good - all my Monkees stuff is on good ol' vinyl.
    Never been to Liverpool, may have to make the trip. Used to love Afflecks Palace back in the Madchester days and a shop selling capes sounds like my dream store.

  2. Oh I love Quiggins! It was better when it was in the original building but I think they've kept most of the spirit and atmosphere since they've moved. And the vintage shop in there is amazing - the woman that runs it is a gem.

    Love your Primark finds - why did I see none of those things when I was there on Monday?!

  3. ooo,loving the sequin beret!!!

  4. Oooh I want the beret! I have a thing for hats but unfortunately they dont always look good on me so I tend to stick to a few shapes I know work lol. Loving that belt too!

  5. ooOOOOoo I'll be checking out Quiggins when I move to Liverpool :) pretty primark finds, well done you x

  6. You got some gorgeous things! Love the beret.