Friday, 22 October 2010


I have the worst memory. If it isn't in my diary I generally forget to do it. Sometimes I forget to check my diary, like today when I completely forgot to pick up my middle daughter's prescription which she needed yesterday, whoops, bad mum alert! Not only do I have my diary, most days I write 'to do' lists as well. Here is an example from last Sunday-

They have to be pretty detailed as you can see and often feature what time I have to do the school run and other obvious stuff. Is this normal? I'd love to know how everyone else gets through the day.

Today I a treaty parcel from the lovely Char at t*rexes and tiaras (couldn't for the life of me do a link for some reason), a gorgeous little padded bag and the cutest panda brooch, both made by her own fair hands, and so well made I had to check! Thank you so much Char =)

Some of you wanted to see me wearing the furry hat that Helga sent me and I've finally got around to photographing it. I think it looks highly glamorous, especially with the feather clip.

Close up of the feathers, I have the same one in black. They were a present from a friend, originally from Dorothy Perkins I think.

Thank goodness for my youngest offspring, I couldn't manage a decent pic myself. Check out the family nose!

I hadn't dropped food down my top, it was a random bit of something that had caught on my chest-shelf!

I quite like the idea of wearing feathers on both sides like ears or something, I must have a bit of a thing for ears at the moment!
In other news I had my first Etsy sale today, a pair of my gloves will be winging their way to the US tomorrow morning wahey!!!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


My postman brought me a parcel from the glorious Helga today. Very much happiness, I love unexpected treats!
It was wrapped in a Cosmic Corner bag which is the best plastic bag ever! There was a scrummy strawberry card (thank you for not writing on the sweet koala envelope!), a brooch, a pottery necklace which I adore, some pineapple lumps (my new sweetie love),

a FANTASTIC furry hat and a badge.
Thank you so much! xxx
The next bit is for Alex -

This is Ottoline. If you haven't read Ottoline you really should =)
Here's a little teaser and an example of the beautiful ilustrations that are on each page -

I really must clean my camera lens but I'm frightened of hurting it!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Working in my pjs

So I finally did it. I've spent the last few days obsessing about setting up my Etsy shop, in fact I've spent the last few days setting up my Etsy shop, it isn't as quick as you'd imagine - easy but not quick! Today I informed the tax peeps that I am now self employed, that bit was really easy oddly.

Along the way I've discovered that making photo collages is really easy, I love Picnik to bits. Look!

But it's now done and bar a few more organizational and promotional bits and bobs I can get on with my life and maybe even some sewing!

I've also been terribly clever and put a link on my blog. Look - there it is on the right.

If by chance any of my readers would like something, give me a shout, I do mates rates, very good ones =)

I had some lovely complimentary comments on my last post, thank you all. The camera somehow got rid of the lines and wrinkles and funny skin but I don't mind that at all!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Just lately I've had a hankering for headbands. Mostly to cover up my lack of hair, but actually my hair isn't so bad, the henna continues to repair the damage I've done, it is growing, my delightful little baldy patch is all but grown back and I now have a fringe I can live with. Anyway. I've been hoarding some beautiful sari silk yarn and decided to use some of my precious stash for a crocheted headband.
It doesn't exactly look right does it?

It was missing something.

Ears to be precise.

That's better.

Isn't it ridiculous that I look better in bear ears? Maybe I was a bear in a former life or something.