Sunday, 28 March 2010

Off on my hols

Tomorrow I'm off to Flamingo Land in Yorkshire, it's a regular thing, we go every year in the Easter holiday.

Here's the outfit I wore for my daughter's 21st not-birthday party on Friday, she'll be living in a foreign land when it is her actual birthday so we had it early.

The dress is fab, bought in the Next sale ridiculously cheap, I'd been lusting after it since I first saw it. Not sure it qualifies for the 'Tall' it says on the label though. I have a black shrug over it so you can't see the pink straps. It is covered in spots of gold glitter. I have to wear a cami under it as I need something more than nipple covers for my generously proportioned ladylumps. I've not been brave enough to wear the tights before but they are perfect with this dress and the party theme was pink. You can just about make out the feather headband I'm wearing, picked up in the New Look sale for £2, love wearing feathers in my hair! Please note glass of lovely mead on the counter.

Sorry about the very unclassy double thumbs up pose, my daughter refused to photograph me any other way.

I shall be back on Friday so see you all then!

Thursday, 25 March 2010


The internet is a wonderful place. You can find out anything you want to find out. You can keep in touch with old friends and even make new ones. You can save the cost of a modest laptop and a year's internet connection in one month if you shop wisely. You can lose yourself in blog reading and forum reading, it is effectively a limitless magazine. You can listen to pretty much any music you want for free (except Ghost Dance for some reason, in fact if anyone has a copy of the Gathering Dust album on whatever format that you don't want I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands!).

But sometimes I reach the point where I get a bit fatigued, overloaded I guess and I go a bit quiet. Usually when this happens there's lots of other stuff going on in my life too. Right now I'm tired and haven't had nearly enough sleep recently.

Is it just me or does everyone get like this sometimes?

Before I go, inspired by all the talk of the lovely Strawberry Switchblade girls I'd like to leave you with a picture of the band with arguably the most cheerful hairdos and dresses - and songs actually - in the history of music, Fuzzbox.

Monday, 22 March 2010


Some time ago I got the idea for a horse brass necklace from Vix , I know she got the inspiration from somewhere else but I can't for the life of me remember where. I've been keeping my eye out for a necklace I could remake to incorporate the horse brass (which was very cheap from Ebay) and on Friday I finally found it. I added some large black wooden beads to make it longer and hey presto...

The vase was a birthday present from my Mum, bought from a local artist, I love her use of colour.

For those of you asking about my hair, I've not had anything done to it but it does look particularly thick in that photo, it isn't in real life. I'm having it tidied up on Thursday and I'm going to ask her if she can cut a bit of the dark out of it to show the pink more.

Bad pun title courtesy of Fanylion

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Last night a dj saved my life

He didn't, but a great song is always worth a mention don't you think?

Last night was Mr Fuzzyfelt's monthly Saturday dj gig in the local wine bar. It is a fantastic place, it hasn't changed at all since the 80s, a lot of the same posters on the wall, the same red and green swirly toilet walls, the same converted Singer treadle sewing machine tables, the same candles stuck in wine bottles and their fairy light collection grows each year and that's never a bad thing!

I tried to get a few pics to capture the essence of the place but since we were in the upstairs room and downstairs was too busy to photograph it hasn't really worked. Here's a little corner anyway...

Here's what I wore

I'm sure I didn't look quite as demonic in real life and the weird eye thing is due to the copious amounts of glitter eye liner I was wearing. I've no idea what the blue thing is on my neck as I don't have a blue thing on my neck! The dress is from Next Runway bought in the sale after Christmas for about £15 reduced from something like £42. It has cut out shoulders, fluttery sleeves and zips down the front and is very comfortable and flattering. The boots were from Primark and a bargain at £12, I have them in teal too and don't wear them nearly enough. The silver tassel necklace was a £2.95 charity shop buy from a few weeks ago.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of days as I have a little giveaway for you...

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Honest guv...

...I didn't go looking for my cloak, it found me. It was in the window of the charity shop where I work one day for just £15.

Admire its beauty...

I think it has been hand made as there are no labels. The fabrics are such beautiful quality, thick, glossy black dress velvet and lined in midnight blue and black shot - what on earth is the fabric called? I have a mental block. Maybe brocade? Hmmm, not sure but it is so much lovelier than it photographs. Isn't everything?

Here's a close up

You have to imagine it all shiny and two-tone and nowhere near as sofa-esque as it looks here. A few days later when I was at work I found some blue velvet gloves that exactly match the lining, I was very excited by this.

I've had it for several months now, I haven't worn it yet. Before long it will be summer and I won't have worn it and I want to dammit! I'm not too sure of the length, it is low mid-calf on me as I'm tall and I'm not sure if I should cut it to knee length. Would the cloak police get me if I did?

Opinions more than welcome...

Saturday, 13 March 2010

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad...

... I simply remember my favourite things and then I don't feel so bad.

If I've had a bad day or feel down I put a skirt on, the more billowing the better. Here's a few of my favourites.

These two were made for me by Etsy seller Chopstix Waits. She uses the most beautiful fabrics and makes the most beautiful things. They don't look nearly as fantastic in pictures as they do in real life, I love wearing them. The one on the right is a very recent purchase, she hand-dyed the fabric, chopped it up into tiny pieces and then overlocked them together very artfully. People have said I could have made this myself but I'm afraid I just haven't got the patience to work with such tiny bits of fabric.

This one is one I made for myself, I apologise for the horrendously tacky way it has photographed. It is made from purple and silver glossy, very smooth spun velvet which has the best drape. I love it but save it for very confident days as it is more than a little 'wahey, look at me, I'm wearing a velvet skirt'!

I've saved the best til last. It's not billowing or even voluminous but it is so amazing I can easily forgive it.

Made from vintage curtain fabric and bought from Ebay as a maxi skirt which I deemed at the time to be too loud (I don't do regrets but this comes perilously close) so I chopped it in half and made two skirts out of one. I kept this one and sold the other for £6-odd which is what I'd paid for it in the first place so technically it was free. I like free things =)

NB All these skirts are full or at least a-line, Muriel makes skirts hang straighter than they are.

What is your favourite comfort garment?

Before I go I'd just like to add a note to my previous post. I realise I was meant to post my fantasy bag but in all honesty I don't have one. I like bags of all different shapes and sizes but none are perfect. I don't generally like 'designer' bags with all the unnecessary and clunky hardware and for some reason I don't like chain straps. I try to always be happy with what I've got, which I almost always am. As for spending large sums of money on a bag, I would like to quote Eithne Farry from her book 'Yeah! I Made it Myself', 'I am not a big fan of brand-new luxe handbags that cost a fortune...for that kind of pirate treasure-chest money, I'd rather go on a few holidays and spend my doubloons on crazy golf and ice cream and wine.'

Thursday, 11 March 2010

On coincidences...

I have for some time been planning a 'what's in my bag' post, I love to see what other people carry around with them so I figure someone might be interested in my things.

Then yesterday the lovely vix gave me this award so here's my bag, I love it actually. It's boring black leather, originally from Debenhams bought from the charity shop where I work for £7.50.

And here's what it contains

Pink butterfly purse that I use to keep tissues in, BHF diary, sent to me because I volunteer for them, purple leather gloves, £6 from Primark 2 or 3 years ago, they are beautiful, the leather is so soft and they are lined in pink which peeps through the cut-out bits, rainbow stripy fold out bag, cinnamon tic tacs, poppy mirror, rainbow pen, butterfly purse, Lush Snow Fairy perfume, Lush Honey Trap lip balm, Body Shop coconut body butter in an empty Body Shop lip balm pot, Body Shop lip balm.

And this is my favourite bag, bought from Etsy

Edit - I know I've not tagged anyone with this this award but I will, I'm just a bit rushed tonight =)

This is what I'm currently drinking. I first tried it aged about ten at a medieval banquet and have not forgotten the sweet honey flavour but haven't had any since. I tracked down a bottle at a friend's wine shop yesterday for only £7 and I'm very pleased to report it tastes exactly the same as I remember. There could be a problem in the long term...! So if the tone of my blog is a little mellow tonight you know why!

PS I will post a photo of my cats in the near future just to prove I don't own a raccoon!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Going against the grain

I love my job. Not everyone thinks it qualifies as a job as it's voluntary but since I turn up in the British Heart Foundation shop every Tuesday and Friday and work as hard as I can I consider it a job. Anyway, I love it. For the fairly miserly sum of £4.71 here's what I came home with yesterday...

Not the skirt obviously, I've blogged that before but I thought it went very well and more than a little reminiscent of the Victorian era. The purple blouse is originally from Principles and pure silk (yuk, I have a bit of an unfondness for natural fibres). The ruffles are overlocked in black which adds a bit of interest. The waistcoat is Next and made from linen (natural fibres again) and fits me a lot better than it fits Muriel. So that's a double whammy of things I never wear - blouses and waistcoats - in one day. Incidentally I weighed myself this morning with my eyes screwed shut as I feel really heavy at the moment, only to find that somewhere, somehow I've lost a quarter of a stone. I'm not complaining!

I've been a bad, bad blogger this week, or rather an absent one. It was my daughter Poppy's (aka she who has autism) 18th birthday party on Sunday. Here's us at that crucial cake moment, apologies for the bad photo, I forgot the rule about not standing in front of windows as my wine intake was a lot higher than my average Sunday afternoon!

And here she is posing and showing off her new best dress and also our very odd cat Pixie, or Pixel as she is more commonly known.

As you can see she has about as much idea of posing for the camera as I do.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Mini spree

Today I went to Liverpool with my ever-faithful companion and the oldest of my offspring who needed various things as she is to fly out to an unknown destination in April to reprise her role as overseas rep for Thomas Cook. We deposited Mr Fuzzyfelt in Probe records (where I later felt obliged to buy a Monkees 5 cd box set for a measly £16.99) and the offspring and I went to Primark for the obligatory splurge. I spent £63-something, very little of it was spent on my things for a change. It wasn't bad considering I bought her a VAST new suitcase for £25 - they have some very nice luggage by the way.

Here is what I bought - and my justifications for doing so!

black liquid eyeliner - £1 - I needed a new one and I thought it was worth trying for the price. I've tested it and it was very easy to apply and is waterproof. Result! I'll be back to get the other colours.

Pink sequin heart purse - 50p - this was reduced from £1.50. I think every girl should have a pink sequin heart purse, it's a good size too.

Black legwarmers - £1 - my old ones are falling to bits after a lot of wear.

Black sequin beret - £2 - reduced from £5, sequin berets usually look too small on my head but this one is bigger and what a bargain!

Elastic belt with a pink and black butterfly clasp - £2.50 - I do sometimes wear an elastic belt and the one I have is too big. Also this one has a butterfly on it - winner.

2 scoop neck t-shirts - £2 each - to make into one much nicer, better fitting one. Primark t-shirts are made out of nice fabric and £4 for a top is still cheap.

a sarong that I will use as a scarf - £2.50 - you can't see it very well on my quilt but it's the stripy thing.

I almost bought the tights with hearts on but they only come in 2 sizes and I need xl for the length so didn't want to risk £3.

So a total £13 me-spend, pretty restrained and it is all stuff I will get lots of use out of.

We also went to Quiggins which someone had described as being like Afflecks in Manchester. Afflecks from what I remember was full of fairly dodgy shops selling stripy jumpers, stripy socks, stripy tights and neon cosmetics. Quiggins however was crammed with vintage shops selling lovely things. I tried on an 80s faux fur black and grey zebra coat reduced to £35, the lovely friendly girl running the shop said I could have it for £30 but sadly the shoulders were at least 3 times wider than me so I had to leave it. There was even a 'proper' vintage shop which had the most beautiful, immaculate genuine Victorian cape and a long heavily embellished velvet gown with a train, there was no clue as to its origin but it was one of the most beautiful garments I've ever seen. Well worth a visit if you're in Liverpool, it is just a stone's throw from Primark and the cafe upstairs is really cheap.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

By special request...

...from the lovely Loulou of here is a picture of my victorian style skirt

Please excuse the creases, it's been on my bedroom floor. It's not nearly as sweeping and dramatic as it feels when it is on but I like it, it's a bit different. The dark grey panels are a bit difficult to see but they are in a tiny swirly sort of print. I bought it from Etsy seller Demandablue for a very reasonable price, $42 I think. She has a few different styles of skirt all very similar to this and you can custom order them in any length and size. I've styled it here with the jumper I made out of two old boring v-necks, nothing groundbreaking but it is a nice flattering shape.

Today's Outfit

This outfit made me laugh, I pulled out a few innocuous looking garments from my wardrobe and once on I realised what a total goth I look! I like it though, it is pretty much my default style although I have many many more, I'd be so bored if I always looked the same. Although you probably can't tell from the picture I'm wearing lovely dark shiny purple eye shadow and Collection 2000 purple glitter eyeliner - the best there is IMO. Oh, and I neglected to change out of my slippers, the beautiful sheepskin boots so don't look any further down than the knees!

What isn't showing up is the 140 denier purple tights worn underneath large-holed fishnets - anyone know what they are called? I'm sure there is a proper name for them. On reflection I'm not sure the draped cardi really works here, I think I need a fitted one. I have a shortage of fitted cardis because they are usually pretty short which makes me look vast and really, I don't need any help in that department!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Kinky boots

I LOATHE shopping for shoes, I HATE it. It has been known to reduce me to tears at times. I see beautiful shoes wherever I go, the vast majority of which I know I haven't got a hope of fitting into. I'm generally a size 9 although I have a relatively high success rate with size 8 boots and sandals. I always look hopefully in charity shops, much as I cast my eye over the rails of trousers in the vain hope they might have something long enough for my 36" legs.

Imagine my complete glee then when I spotted these amazing boots in our local RSPCA, which turned into unbridled ecstasy when I saw the size 8 stamp on the bottom. The price tag of £6.95 was reasonable too.

They are made by Clarks which often run small but not in this case, they fit like the proverbial glove! The colour is somewhere between silver and pewter and just gorgeous but sadly I'm going to have to dye them black as then they will do the job I want them to do, which is go with all my skirts and look all beautiful and Victorian. I'll give them a couple of airings before I dye them though!

My lovely panelled Victorian style skirt was meant to be visible in the first photo but Jazz (eldest daughter, soon to be 21) was acting as skirt censor. Apparently not only is it not appropriate for someone of my advancing years but it is also not appropriate for life. The stripy socks were a cause for her concern as well but d'you know what? I reckon that since I'm 22 years older than her I know a LOT better!

I'm learning...

EDIT: I have been informed by the above named Jazz that they are not kinky.