Thursday, 25 March 2010


The internet is a wonderful place. You can find out anything you want to find out. You can keep in touch with old friends and even make new ones. You can save the cost of a modest laptop and a year's internet connection in one month if you shop wisely. You can lose yourself in blog reading and forum reading, it is effectively a limitless magazine. You can listen to pretty much any music you want for free (except Ghost Dance for some reason, in fact if anyone has a copy of the Gathering Dust album on whatever format that you don't want I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands!).

But sometimes I reach the point where I get a bit fatigued, overloaded I guess and I go a bit quiet. Usually when this happens there's lots of other stuff going on in my life too. Right now I'm tired and haven't had nearly enough sleep recently.

Is it just me or does everyone get like this sometimes?

Before I go, inspired by all the talk of the lovely Strawberry Switchblade girls I'd like to leave you with a picture of the band with arguably the most cheerful hairdos and dresses - and songs actually - in the history of music, Fuzzbox.


  1. OMG!!! Fuzzbox, an epic band from 5 miles down the road! I love the fact that us 40-something bloggers all have the same tastes.

  2. I know exactly what you mean hun. Usually with me it's due to overkill - I get hooked on one thing or another, spend hours online and then have to let my brain and eyes have a rest for a while.

    Guessing that Bostin' is a Brummie thing then? My friend who lives round that way often sings a song about Birmingham that features the word.

  3. OMG!!! I have that album,and have frequently tortured G with it!!!LOL!!!Theyw ere brillant!Where are they now,I must wonder!!Ha-we all do have the same taste!!!What fab birds we are!!Ooo,what else is lurking to be rediscovered!!!???
    But,yes,I know what you mean doll.I have been finding it hard to sleep lately,my head is abuzz with all this internet excitement and the discovery of amazing contemporaries out there!!!The internet IS like one big magazine,and amazing blogs make it the BEST magazine!!I am loving it,though.It's a whole new world!!
    And,in case you don't go read my reply as regards S.Switchblade-yes!!!Email me on if the one you have ISN"T the one I have!!!:)

  4. Yes, I agree about fatigue..sometimes i have a ten minute slot to fill or something between meetings, and all of a sudden i can't think of anything to find out..or i feel like i just need a break from information overload..i like the fact that i dont' have internet access at home, as otherwise i can see many hours being wasted..

  5. I totally relate to the fatigue x

  6. Yes you definitely do get spells like that. Just take your time and do what you need to as and when. x

  7. Internet fatigue is a genuine thing... I've 'disappeared' from my usual haunts a few times, just to get it back together. Take your time, it happens. :)

  8. I feel like my entire live is consumed by computers - I work on one 8 (often 10) hours a day, then come home and spend the entire evening on another. I try to stay away at the weekend as much as I can, but it's so addictive!

    Give your eyes and fingers a break. We'll still be here when you come back! :) x