Thursday, 19 August 2010

Random object of the day #3 - Moel Arthur

Today I indulged in a spot of hill walking and found an abandoned tree.
My outfit, while probably not conventional walking gear fitted the bill perfectly
Butterfly scarf in hair - me made
black vest top - Primark
pink cardi - charity shop, it's got to go as it looks awful on me!
maxi skirt - me made from pintucked denim and vintage fabric, I cut down the dress I made a while ago as it just wasn't right
biker boots - Tesco
waterproof round waist - Ebay

I cut my fringe last night, my hair was just looking horrendous. I'm happy with the fringe but now I think I might have an inch or so cut off the bottom to get rid of some of the wispy longer layer of hair. I've been trying to resist as I have sworn off the scissors but I look like a Bay City Roller or something. Have to admit though, it looks better in the open air!

Mr Fuzzyfelt and myself in the bracken (oo-er)

I've been playing with Picnik, hours of fun!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A new coat and a thrifty make

I found this amazingly patterned jumper the other week and have been excited at the prospect of turning it into a coat. I think it has turned out well, although I would have preferred the stitching to be a darker blue but I couldn't find any.
My new hood feature - a knot at the end.
My plastic peg basket started falling to bits a while ago, I bandaged it up with parcel tape. It didn't last long and was threatening to dump my pegs everywhere so rather than going to the pound shop and buying another useless piece of flimsy plastic I decided to raid my huge fabric stash and make a peg bag. It took all of 15 minutes and will definitely outlive a basket. The total cost would have been about 10p.

Every little helps!
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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Random Object of the Day #2 - Liverpool

Not only are they lucky enough to have wheely bins in Liverpool but they have PURPLE wheely bins in Liverpool! We're supposed to be getting them soon, I hope ours are purple!

I'm wearing a boringly repeated outfit today, it seems to be my current favourite.

There was a vintage fair on today, unusually there were quite a few lovely things in my size but I managed to come away with only one item.

A beautiful 70s flutter sleeved maxi dress costing £18. It is really lovely in real life and only just misses maxi length on me. I didn't buy anything else because I didn't need to, I had found THE dress.

Pixie likes getting in on my photos doesn't she!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Look who I met yesterday!

The REAL Wallace and Gromit!
I don't know if any of you will be remotely excited by this but the set below was actually from the film, the Wallace and Gromit were real ones too.

Wallace was happy to pose with Lydia for a photo!

If anyone is anywhere near a Mersey ferry take the time to go to Spaceport at the Seacombe terminal, it's fab, especially the W+G exhibition.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Random object of the day #1

Ok, so this is just phase 1 of the overhaul, a new feature - random object of the day. It is basically giving my arms something to do while I have my photograph taken.
Today's Object is fake flowers made out of chocolate which I am 'amusingly' pretending to eat. They were a present from my Mum when she visited her sister in Portishead a couple of months ago.

Today's outfit -
long black Per Una skirt - dress agency
black and grey stripy off-shoulder top with sleeves so long I can knot them over my hands - Etsy
black linen tailored waistcoat - charity shop
black gladiators - Tesco
star necklace - Etsy

I don't appear to have the ability to crop pictures on my netbook despite looking very thoroughly for such a facility. I shall rectify this as soon as I am able. If anyone knows where there is a cropping facility on XP please let me know!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Thumbs up for an outfit post

Please excuse the dreadful quality of these pictures, they were taken on my phone which is a very decent phone but the camera leaves a lot to be desired.

It was my friend's divorce party on Saturday, here's what I wore -

green paisley dress made from vintage fabric, VERY short because it was too long at first and I cut too much off, I do it all the time!

Black opaques

dark green glittery Mary-Jane wedges (glittered by moi)

dark green rhinestone specs - 50p from the British Heart Foundation - BARGAIN!

thrifted necklace

cuff bangle - gift from Vix

bad hair but it WILL grow...eventually

Tomorrow I'm planning a little blog revamp so watch this space!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

So this is what happens...

...when you ask a ten year old to 'give me a model type pose please'.

I finally made Lydia her own coat (she did want one, honest, it's not child abuse!). I think it turned out well, helped along greatly by the very beautifully striped Zara jumper I used for the bodice.

The back view - she wanted a short hood. I'm really into the bustle effect that a wide panel with extra seaming gives in the back.

Look at the girls, you wouldn't believe they have a penchant for eating raw mice and spend most of their time rolling around on the floor play-fighting and pulling out bits of each others fur would you? They look rather serene and above any of that uncouth nonsense!

I've been playing about with my hair again. Sometime last year I bought some henna from Lush but I ended up bleaching it and putting various colourful dyes on it instead. I just wasn't convinced the henna would cover my greys or make much of a difference to my natural mouse colour. Lately I've been thinking about how much I moan about my hairline receding and how much hair I lose with each wash and decided that I wasn't qualified to moan unless I'd at least tried to do something about it. After much searching I found a forum with tons of info on it and once reassured that greys would be covered and condition would vastly improve I bought this -

I mixed it with hot water to the consistency of, well, something really revolting, slapped it on my head and went about my business wrapped in cling film for 7 hours. I'm made up with the results, where it was purple it has gone an amazing bright/dark auburn and the roots, while fairly orange (it apparently darkens if you use it lots) at least do not have any greys. Also I'm very pleased to report that in the month or so since I did it my hair hasn't shed so much.
Here's a close up -
It is also considerably shinier.
I'm quite evangelical about it can you tell?

Regular outfit posts are scheduled to return as from tomorrow =O)