Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Honest guv...

...I didn't go looking for my cloak, it found me. It was in the window of the charity shop where I work one day for just £15.

Admire its beauty...

I think it has been hand made as there are no labels. The fabrics are such beautiful quality, thick, glossy black dress velvet and lined in midnight blue and black shot - what on earth is the fabric called? I have a mental block. Maybe brocade? Hmmm, not sure but it is so much lovelier than it photographs. Isn't everything?

Here's a close up

You have to imagine it all shiny and two-tone and nowhere near as sofa-esque as it looks here. A few days later when I was at work I found some blue velvet gloves that exactly match the lining, I was very excited by this.

I've had it for several months now, I haven't worn it yet. Before long it will be summer and I won't have worn it and I want to dammit! I'm not too sure of the length, it is low mid-calf on me as I'm tall and I'm not sure if I should cut it to knee length. Would the cloak police get me if I did?

Opinions more than welcome...


  1. Wow, what a thing of utter beauty and a fantastic find. I have a capelet with the same lining in brown, is it silk brocade?
    Can't see any harm in shortening it if it makes it more wearable. Perhaps you could use the offcut to make a (ahem, pardon the language) muff?

  2. Wow, that is seriously fantastic.

  3. ZOMG WANT. That is divine. Gorgeous. Fabulous. The lining looks like a damask to me, hard to tell from a photo though. (Would you be offended if I said I would quite like to fondle the cape? Doesn't sound quite right does it?! lol)

    Definitely find an occasion to wear it. If you shortened it, as Vix says, perhaps a muff or a sash from the offcut would be appropriate.

    Love it though, am very envious! xx

  4. Lovely, lovely cloak. I think I'd love it even more if it were a wee bit shorter - go for it I say, and use the offcut for a muff! Giggle!

  5. Cloak!!! Dear God, that's amazing. Wear it before the week is out, I dare you.

  6. Wow,that's awesome!!Yeah,a biit shorter could be cool.Jen's idea to use the offcut for a muff is great!!!You simply MUST wear it,my dear!!!x