Thursday, 11 March 2010

On coincidences...

I have for some time been planning a 'what's in my bag' post, I love to see what other people carry around with them so I figure someone might be interested in my things.

Then yesterday the lovely vix gave me this award so here's my bag, I love it actually. It's boring black leather, originally from Debenhams bought from the charity shop where I work for £7.50.

And here's what it contains

Pink butterfly purse that I use to keep tissues in, BHF diary, sent to me because I volunteer for them, purple leather gloves, £6 from Primark 2 or 3 years ago, they are beautiful, the leather is so soft and they are lined in pink which peeps through the cut-out bits, rainbow stripy fold out bag, cinnamon tic tacs, poppy mirror, rainbow pen, butterfly purse, Lush Snow Fairy perfume, Lush Honey Trap lip balm, Body Shop coconut body butter in an empty Body Shop lip balm pot, Body Shop lip balm.

And this is my favourite bag, bought from Etsy

Edit - I know I've not tagged anyone with this this award but I will, I'm just a bit rushed tonight =)

This is what I'm currently drinking. I first tried it aged about ten at a medieval banquet and have not forgotten the sweet honey flavour but haven't had any since. I tracked down a bottle at a friend's wine shop yesterday for only £7 and I'm very pleased to report it tastes exactly the same as I remember. There could be a problem in the long term...! So if the tone of my blog is a little mellow tonight you know why!

PS I will post a photo of my cats in the near future just to prove I don't own a raccoon!


  1. Yay, a bag post! I must be incurably nosy as I love seeing what other people carry round with them. You're very minimalist - I couldn't limit the contents of my bag to so few things!

  2. That Etsy bag is just so pretty and what sweet, colourful contents you carry around with you. I rather like the black leather number, too. I'd definately have snapped that up as a gig going purse.
    Mead? God, that does take me back a bit.
    PS Yes, please! I need proof you don't keep a racoon.

  3. Wow, you are organised, bag-wise. I doubt I could restrict myself to that.

    Mead is great stuff. I remember trying it at a young age on a trip to Lindisfarne (it isn't too far away) and loving the sweet-yet-warm flavour and texture. It's probably my third favourite drink, behind good brandy and Ume.

    I love the fabric of the Etsy bag. x

  4. Lovely print on the etsy bag! And by the bottle I'm guessing you were having a good night ;) x

  5. Wow I am loving your etsy bag <3

  6. I've never tried Mead but have resovled to get hold of some now!
    Vicki xxx

  7. Yeah,I'm nosy too,and really enjoying perving into peoples bags!!LOL!!
    Mmmm,mead,haven't had that in ages!Not that easy to find over here,and pricey when you do.x