Monday, 22 March 2010


Some time ago I got the idea for a horse brass necklace from Vix , I know she got the inspiration from somewhere else but I can't for the life of me remember where. I've been keeping my eye out for a necklace I could remake to incorporate the horse brass (which was very cheap from Ebay) and on Friday I finally found it. I added some large black wooden beads to make it longer and hey presto...

The vase was a birthday present from my Mum, bought from a local artist, I love her use of colour.

For those of you asking about my hair, I've not had anything done to it but it does look particularly thick in that photo, it isn't in real life. I'm having it tidied up on Thursday and I'm going to ask her if she can cut a bit of the dark out of it to show the pink more.

Bad pun title courtesy of Fanylion


  1. Oh I so need a hair-cut, I'm staying away from the camera until I get round to doing something with my hair!
    I love this necklace, well done :)

  2. Wow I love the necklace :) xx

  3. Great job and the title is superb! I always struggle with blog titles.

  4. Great repurposing there, it looks very stylish! xx

  5. I love this - it's so original and unique. Very nice indeed! And there's nothing like a good pun for your blog title!

  6. Oh I love what you've done with it. It looks almost tribal now, yet the horse brass is such a traditional country thing.

  7. Freaking fantastic!!You clever minx!