Saturday, 31 July 2010

Sometimes I do silly things

Some years ago I bought a complete set of Golden Hands (a positively iconic craft partwork from 1970) for £10 from a charity shop. During a house move I stupidly decided I didn't need them. I've regretted it ever since.
Imagine my absolute glee today when I found the complete set in the Salvation Army for just £7.50!

Just look at that gorgeous maxi dress on the right, why can't you buy fabrics like that nowadays?
Another page has lovely crochet circles.
Each binder is packed with lovely (and occasionally not so lovely) things to make.

I'm a very happy bunny!
This post was brought to you by my lovely shiny new Compaq netbook.


  1. Oh, my god! I think I remember these - my mum had a full set. Are these the ones which have (somewhere) an amazing cobwebby crochet shawl? I coveted that for *years*. Goodness knows whatever happened to them...

  2. My Mum had these as well. The photos and the projects are amazing (but far too scary to contemplate). People were far more creative back then. xxx

  3. You lucky thing coming across these again!
    Kandi x

  4. How exciting to find the full set! Will you be creating anything from the books? x

  5. I think I'll be using them more as inspiration - as Vix said they are a bit intimidating but every girl needs fantasies!
    Loulou I'm sure there is a cobweb shawl somewhere in the pages.