Friday, 16 July 2010

A real live outfit post!

A possibly ill-advised outfit post, look at my HAIR! I really should have fluffed it up or something, it is suffering from product overload as usual - I have practically no hair at all so I try and put tons of stuff on it to make it bigger. Also I really can't cope with short hair, I think I have set a short hair record this time, it must be two or three years now, my default is as long as it will grow (not very long!) and I'm hoping to get back there asap.
I've been needing some new sandals for a while, my silver gladiators are falling to bits and after a completely fruitless search I found these tonight in Tesco reduced from £15 to £7 which was enough to pay for sandals I don't love but are ok and do the job.
The reason for this rare outfit post is because this outfit is so ME. It's not glamorous, sophisticated, classy or any of those things I'm not. It is comfy and slouchy and slightly eccentric which suits me so much better.
I went for a last day of term lunch with a friend, the last time for a few weeks we'll be able to do anything without the offspring present so I did my version of dressing up and wore a black and silver mini dress, leggings, my gorgeous heeled silver boots topped with a thrifted black mac as it was a bit cold and a bit wet.
The dress I made from the same pattern as the green paisley, this time made in jersey, the centre front panel is black with dull silver circles, the rest is some really cheap jersey I picked up on the roll, several metres for about £3. I really must stop cutting my dresses so very short! I'm almost certain I don't look as dumpy in real life as I do in the pic as I had several compliments on the dress today.
The fluffy pink cardi I made out of some weird knitted fabric that is lovely and soft and warm that I couldn't resist.
A final thought - I really wish Shabby hadn't left Big Brother, it is boring, boring, boring now!


  1. Love those gladiator sandals, the hair, the sparkly cardi and you made that dress? Gorgeous and totlly glamorous. Your legs are fabulous, too so long and shapely.
    Enough of these put-downs! You are stunning. Haven't watched BB for a few years, watched Grey Gardens (again) and now it's the final Wossy.

  2. Those sandals are great, I might have a look see for £7! I think you look great in that photo, that dress is very me too. It's great to see you doing outfit posts again, I love to see you lot all dressed up.
    Kandi x

  3. The sandals look fab. Cool and comfortable, the best way to be. The sparkly cardi is lush too. x

  4. You look gorgous, am loving the outfit post and hoping to see more soon :) Love the tesco glads what a find! xx

  5. The glads are fab! And you look absolutely lovely - if I had legs as good as yours I'd definitely wear skirts and dresses that length.

  6. I love that dress! Fab bargain gladiators!