Monday, 5 July 2010

It's all about me!

I have been given this award by the superbly creative Jem , I have to tell you five things about myself. No doubt I will put the most mundane things possible and then think of better things later so I might well do a shady edit!

1) I have been regularly using a sewing machine since the age of four (that's 39 years folks!) and even now everything I sew is a little bit wonky.

2) At the age of twelve I measured in at 5'10" and pretty much stopped growing.

3) I like to eat mayonnaise by itself.

4) I have an absolutely shocking memory and it regularly pisses people off, especially when I accuse people of omitting to tell me something.

5) My style of dress has been described as 'an explosion in a charity shop' and that doesn't offend me.

I would now like to pass this award on to





  1. Congrats on the award! Mayonnaise on it's own? Now that's freaky!
    I'd consider the "explosion in a charity shop" a huge compliment, beats off the peg at Asda any day of the week!

  2. Explosion in a charity shop is a great compliment! Much more unique and colourful than any other type of style :)

  3. EEk thanks honey, a lovely award for little old me? I agree, explosion in charity shop is right up my street. I was asked today about my skirt at work (Monsoon) via charity shop and I told the girl and she said oh I would have just said Monsoon are you not embarrassed! I laughed quite hard, she went red and tea came out of my nose. They all think I am weird anyhow :)
    Thanks again.
    Kandi x

  4. mmmmm,mayonaise is yummy!I like it with celery.

  5. Aww thank you very much! Will need to get thinking on that one.

    That is absolutely a compliment... explosion in a charity shop. And wonky stitching to me is just added character :)