Monday, 26 July 2010

Festival Chic!

So after battling the cold from hell last week, I went to two festivals this past weekend - possibly the only festival action I'll get this year boo hiss. Saturday's was a small local festival featuring some of my favourite Welsh bands (it's not all choirs and harps you know, head over to YouTube and search for Radio Luxembourg - now rebranded as Racehorses but they were better before - or Derwyddon Dr Gonzo as two prime examples if you are so inclined). I didn't take any pics, it was fairly uninspiring and badly organised. The highlights of the day were finding a very decent chippy and my friend Emma From Chesterfield (full title, that's where she lives you see) purchasing a piece of furniture she described as a 'chaise short' from a curious Chinese shop as she wanted to sit down - actually a telephone seat but definitely modelled on a chaise longue.

Sunday's was much better - superbly organised and as Mr Fuzzyfelt was the dj we had backstage privileges, which basically meant we looked at the bands' bums rather than their faces. It was held on the same site as this year's Radio 1 Big Weekend which was a pretty nice location.
I took the time to get familiar with the camera on my phone so I came away with a rather random collection of photos.

Derwyddon's bums (well some of them, there's so many people in the band I've lost count)

If your eyes worked in negative this is what you'd have seen looking out from the back of the stage - the grass looks just like a swimming pool and the trees like broccoli (eta CAULIFLOWER! The white stuff!) I think.

Looking out from my perch (a turntable carry box, we forgot the chairs!) across the field at the start of the afternoon -

Something I've never seen before and hope not to ever see again - next to the portaloos was a strange round object - can you see it? After much speculation and horror that it could be a porta-urinal it turned out it actually WAS! Practically in the middle of the field! The discreet option was too pee against a fence! It was most disconcerting to have to walk RIGHT past it to get off the field I can tell you.

Here's my outfit, Emma and I got roped in to stewarding for the last hour (which explains the very tired, very caffeined-up faces and rained-on frizzy hair!). We agreed to do it on account of the hi-vis vests. Don't we look important? We liked to think so and we took our duties very seriously indeed.


  1. Hey gorgeous!
    Are you SURE Welsh music isn't all choirs and harps??I'm dubious!!Hahahaha!
    Yes,you do look important.You would have looked MORE important if you were waving beer bottles menacingly!

  2. That high-viz vest is a great new look for you! Two festies in a weekend is pretty impressive.
    I like those porta-urinals as it stops to boys clogging up the loo queue. Only 9 more days till the Big Chill, wahey!!!

  3. 2 festivals, nice one! Glad you had a good time. The high vis does make you both look mighty important. x

  4. Erk, porta urinals? I don't want to see that in public thank you very much.

    Love the pic of you and Emma - high viz chic! Your hair is looking fab by the way :)

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