Sunday, 18 July 2010

Three good things

As the perpetually positive Vix pointed out, there were way too many negatives in my last post and it doesn't make for happy reading or in fact a happy me. I promise to do better in future! There's certainly no negatives today.

For absolutely AGES now I've been wanting to make a colourful coat just for me and I've finally got around to it. It is a little brighter than the pic shows and the bodice is black flecked with purple rather than brown. It is completely perfect, fits me like a dream and I couldn't be happier with it. Hopefully you can see the fantastic little clasp I found for just £1.35, I think these will be featuring in lots of coats in the future - Abakhan had better not stop selling them!
Here's my latest cooking crush - Rice Krispie squares, very yummy indeed. Here's the recipe -

100g toffees
100g butter
100g marshmallows
200g rice krispies

Put the first three ingredients in a big pan, heat until thoroughly melted and allow to bubble for a minute. Take off the heat and stir in the rice krispies until they are completely coated. I add a few extra marshmallows at the end, that's the white and pink goop you can see in the picture. Pour (or more accurately, flob) the mixture into something that measures approx 8"x10", or that looks about the right size, press down well with the back of a wet spoon and pop in the fridge to cool. Cut into squares - it makes LOTS - and scoff happily.

And finally - I have noticed quite a few bloggers smiling in their pictures lately and it makes me feel happy, it definitely rubs off so please keep smiling, it makes the world a much happier place!


  1. What a lovely, happy post! The coat is an absolute delight, gorgeous plummy shades and the clasp is divine. Bet you'll get even more orders now.
    The Rice Krispie squares look absolutely delicious, I've promised to bake something yummy for Jon's car mechanic so I think I'll be copying.
    The rainbow napkin and retro plate are fab.

  2. That coat is beautiful, I'm glad you made yourself one and the clasp is fantastic and I must buy some.
    Kandi x

  3. Yay for making something for yourself. The coat looks beautiful, look forward to seeing you model it. I'm with Vix on the napkin and plate, awesome! Another little twist on rice crispy cakes is making them with melted mars bars, scrummy. x

  4. Fab coatmdoll!Well done!A girl needs to make something for herself on occasion!
    O dear,I better avoid those yummo looking crspy thingys-am aiming to get into 2 frocks that are currently too small by the time the cruise comes no sweeties for me!

  5. I'm so pleased you made a lovely coat for you this time :) The colours are fab and the fastening is just lovely. Hurrah for Abakhan!

  6. Yay for happy posts! Glad you have a coat for yourself now!! Those rice krispie squares look so yummy!