Friday, 9 July 2010

Birthday suit

Ok, somebody forgot to rotate the pictures and is so stupid she doesn't know how to delete them from the post. Whoops sorry! Stand your laptop on end / tip up your monitor forthe best effect!
It was my birthday last Saturday and I made this dress out of the vintage fabric I bought at the vintage fair the other week. Sadly nobody had remembered to take a camera to my party so there are no pics of it actually on me as yet but I promise one before too long. The pattern was a very lucky 50p charity shop find. It has princess seaming which is perfect for someone my shape (narrow back, big boobs) as there are a lot of seams to tweak for the best fit. I put cute little patch pockets on it to hold girly essentials. The total cost for the fabric, pattern, thread, zip and binding came in at less than £10. This pattern is going to get used a million times at least!
This is a dress I've been threatening to make for at least a year now, I was reluctant to cut up my precious Last Shadow Puppets tee shirt but I'm glad I did as it is now so much more wearable.
Here's a little trinket I picked up while shopping in Chester yesterday, a necklace that is also a watch, isn't it sweet? It was from Wallis and at £9 in the sale I thought it a worthy purchase - my only purchase all day actually, I impressed myself! I might put it on a different chain though, or even perhaps a thong.

and open-

I've not worn a watch for so long now I'm not sure I need one any more.
And finally, a link although I'm not so sure it'll work! Oh, to be competent at these things...


  1. The watch/necklace is lovely. I've seen lots of them around but that's by far the nicest.

    The dress is just amazing! What a gorgeous piece of fabric and it looks a beautiful shape and fit.

  2. I love your new makes, and the necklace is beautiful!
    Kandi x

  3. omg that green dress is GORGEOUS, really stunning I bet you looked the bees knees. and the watch necklace is really pretty xx

  4. p.s. Thank you so much for your kind words on my post tonight.
    Love Kandi x

  5. Yay more Paisley print! Fab makes. x

  6. Sweetie,sweet sweet!Great frock!Yeah,princess lines are bloody useful!!That watch pendant is fantatstic!!Great use of an old T too!So clever,dalring!You are making fab things!

  7. I was looking forward to seeing what marvel you'd create with that fab paisley fabric and you haven't disappointed! Great job, bet the colour looks fantastic on you.
    Good use for the Last Shadow Puppets teeshirt and the watch is so sweet.

  8. That dress is fab, love the paisley print!