Sunday, 1 August 2010

So this is what happens...

...when you ask a ten year old to 'give me a model type pose please'.

I finally made Lydia her own coat (she did want one, honest, it's not child abuse!). I think it turned out well, helped along greatly by the very beautifully striped Zara jumper I used for the bodice.

The back view - she wanted a short hood. I'm really into the bustle effect that a wide panel with extra seaming gives in the back.

Look at the girls, you wouldn't believe they have a penchant for eating raw mice and spend most of their time rolling around on the floor play-fighting and pulling out bits of each others fur would you? They look rather serene and above any of that uncouth nonsense!

I've been playing about with my hair again. Sometime last year I bought some henna from Lush but I ended up bleaching it and putting various colourful dyes on it instead. I just wasn't convinced the henna would cover my greys or make much of a difference to my natural mouse colour. Lately I've been thinking about how much I moan about my hairline receding and how much hair I lose with each wash and decided that I wasn't qualified to moan unless I'd at least tried to do something about it. After much searching I found a forum with tons of info on it and once reassured that greys would be covered and condition would vastly improve I bought this -

I mixed it with hot water to the consistency of, well, something really revolting, slapped it on my head and went about my business wrapped in cling film for 7 hours. I'm made up with the results, where it was purple it has gone an amazing bright/dark auburn and the roots, while fairly orange (it apparently darkens if you use it lots) at least do not have any greys. Also I'm very pleased to report that in the month or so since I did it my hair hasn't shed so much.
Here's a close up -
It is also considerably shinier.
I'm quite evangelical about it can you tell?

Regular outfit posts are scheduled to return as from tomorrow =O)


  1. Your daughters coat is fab and I'm lovin her pose! Also your hair has come out deliciously red. x

  2. hahahaha,Lydia is a dag!!!
    Adoring the girls!
    Your hair looks like it came up a winner,darling!Good on you for looking into it properly!

  3. Lydia's face is a picture! The girls are beautiful and not racoon-like in the slightest today.
    Hair is looking fabulous. xxx

  4. Love the coat! The stripyness factor is glorious and Lydia's pose is hilarious :D

    *plots to steal both of the lovely cats*

  5. Your hair is a fabulous colour but 7 hours holy cow !!! Lokve your girls face, she looks great in that coat it's lovely!
    Kandi x

  6. Lydia looks smashing in her new coat!
    I swear by henna now, it might be a wee bit messier than branded box kits but I've never come across anything better/undamaging.
    I have been dyeing my hair for over twenty years & have also been fretting over my hairline losing ground, so I think I'll be staying loyal to henna from now on.
    BTW, I sent your parcel today...sorry for the small delay, we had rellos visiting over the weekend, so I got a bit sidetracked.
    It should be with you tomorrow or Wednesday :)

  7. The hair looks great, but 7 hours with the stuff on it geeeze! Your cats are doing a good impression of being incapable of hurting even a fly!