Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A new coat and a thrifty make

I found this amazingly patterned jumper the other week and have been excited at the prospect of turning it into a coat. I think it has turned out well, although I would have preferred the stitching to be a darker blue but I couldn't find any.
My new hood feature - a knot at the end.
My plastic peg basket started falling to bits a while ago, I bandaged it up with parcel tape. It didn't last long and was threatening to dump my pegs everywhere so rather than going to the pound shop and buying another useless piece of flimsy plastic I decided to raid my huge fabric stash and make a peg bag. It took all of 15 minutes and will definitely outlive a basket. The total cost would have been about 10p.

Every little helps!
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  1. Wow, the colours in the new coat are just amazing and I rather like the pale blue stitching. I made my own peg bag but it took hours rather than minutes, fiddly little bugger. xxx

  2. Awesome coat,dahl!! Like Vix,I like the pale blue stitching too!!
    Adore the peg bag-fab idea!

  3. That is one truly amazing coat...
    you are a bona fide wiz at making these!
    I really love it!

  4. Coat is amazing, love the knot!
    I was the same with my peg bag it was more duck tape than fabric for about a year, then I made myself one, the fabric is great.
    Kandi x

  5. That might just be my favourite coat so far. The colours are so wonderful and I'm with Vix on the stitching - it looks lovely in the paler thread.

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