Saturday, 7 August 2010

Random Object of the Day #2 - Liverpool

Not only are they lucky enough to have wheely bins in Liverpool but they have PURPLE wheely bins in Liverpool! We're supposed to be getting them soon, I hope ours are purple!

I'm wearing a boringly repeated outfit today, it seems to be my current favourite.

There was a vintage fair on today, unusually there were quite a few lovely things in my size but I managed to come away with only one item.

A beautiful 70s flutter sleeved maxi dress costing £18. It is really lovely in real life and only just misses maxi length on me. I didn't buy anything else because I didn't need to, I had found THE dress.

Pixie likes getting in on my photos doesn't she!


  1. Ha ha , Living in liverpool you learn to hate tose purple wheelie bins!! Where was the vintage fair?? x

  2. oooooooooh,I LOVE that frock,doll!!! Great score!!
    The purple bins are rather fab!

  3. Wonderful dress. The colours of the florals are divine.

    I'd love to have a purple wheely bin instead of a stoopid heavy metal thing!


  4. Hi,
    hope you are enjoying the weekend!
    The dress is fabby & I really love the print, can't wait to see it modelled.
    I've never actually been to a vintage fair but I have a few contacts that deal at fairs; I generally hook up with them when they do the occasional market days.
    I'm all for colourful bins!
    Take care,

  5. Yay for the purple wheelie bins! We also have pale blue and green ones - aren't we lucky?!

    I got an email about the Affordable Vintage Fair coming to JMU on 17/18 Sept. I'm not here this weekend but hope you bag some bargains if you go.

  6. Wow, get those bins! We have brown, grey and green, nothing that funky!!
    Love the new frock, just missing maxi means it'll be ideal for wet winter days as well as hot sunny ones. xxx