Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Random object of the day #1

Ok, so this is just phase 1 of the overhaul, a new feature - random object of the day. It is basically giving my arms something to do while I have my photograph taken.
Today's Object is fake flowers made out of chocolate which I am 'amusingly' pretending to eat. They were a present from my Mum when she visited her sister in Portishead a couple of months ago.

Today's outfit -
long black Per Una skirt - dress agency
black and grey stripy off-shoulder top with sleeves so long I can knot them over my hands - Etsy
black linen tailored waistcoat - charity shop
black gladiators - Tesco
star necklace - Etsy

I don't appear to have the ability to crop pictures on my netbook despite looking very thoroughly for such a facility. I shall rectify this as soon as I am able. If anyone knows where there is a cropping facility on XP please let me know!


  1. Pretty eyes!!!And kitty!!!
    I use Picasa for my (to me)fancy footwork with photos!!Hahaha,I have a lot to learn!
    I used to have a thing for really long sleeves,but got tired if draping them in the toilet!!I cover yours!

  2. Love the edible flowers and adore the maxi skirt with the goth-style stripes. Kitty-cat is a cutie trying to get in on the scene.
    Like Helga I like Picasa but don't know about if you can use it with XP. Have you tried Photobucket? xxx

  3. You should be able to crop pix with MS Picture Editor which should be standard with an XP operating system.

    I love the stripey top - got a passion for stripes.

  4. A right click and open with MS Picture Editor does the trick for me. Must investigate Picasa though as I believe it's got some rather funky options.

    Love the stripy top and your hair is looking gorgeous at the moment!

  5. That skirt is fabbbb, I want it. And your cat is the spitting image of mine, I did a double take there!
    Kandi x

  6. Thanks girls, I'm looking into Picasa, there's def no cropping in my picture editor (and someone who can work computers did spend some time checking for me!), odd isn't it?