Thursday, 19 August 2010

Random object of the day #3 - Moel Arthur

Today I indulged in a spot of hill walking and found an abandoned tree.
My outfit, while probably not conventional walking gear fitted the bill perfectly
Butterfly scarf in hair - me made
black vest top - Primark
pink cardi - charity shop, it's got to go as it looks awful on me!
maxi skirt - me made from pintucked denim and vintage fabric, I cut down the dress I made a while ago as it just wasn't right
biker boots - Tesco
waterproof round waist - Ebay

I cut my fringe last night, my hair was just looking horrendous. I'm happy with the fringe but now I think I might have an inch or so cut off the bottom to get rid of some of the wispy longer layer of hair. I've been trying to resist as I have sworn off the scissors but I look like a Bay City Roller or something. Have to admit though, it looks better in the open air!

Mr Fuzzyfelt and myself in the bracken (oo-er)

I've been playing with Picnik, hours of fun!


  1. You groovy minx!Your booboids look fab under that cardi!!!I'm sure Mr Fuzzyfelt(hello,darling!)agrees!
    Great walking gear.I always look well overdressed too,but o,well,we must walk as our true selves!Lovely countryside!

  2. I am so envious of your walking gear! So stylish! I also think the fringe and also the cardigan look fabulous

  3. Love ya fringe! Your walking style is like mine, you should see the funny looks I got from the mountain folk when in the lake district I was hiking in skinny jeans and gladiators and they were all kitted out.
    Kandi x

  4. Thats what walking gear should look like. I'm the same as kandi, when I'm in the lake district I'm usually walking in skinny jeans and suede boots! Your hair colour still looks lovely. x

  5. Wonderful photos, you look gorgeous! Bet you took those pictures before 3pm on thursday, that's when the rain started at the Green Man! xxx

  6. You look fab!! Walking gear can be so tremendously dull that you must have been like a beautiful colourful vision to all those other ramblers out there.

  7. You look great, the colours really suit you!

  8. Congrats on hitting your target Missus! I am so jealous, I bloody hate dieting!
    Kandi x :)

  9. I love all of the fun colors that you used!! Great editing on the last picture!!

  10. Haha its as good as the walking gear I usually wear, wedges anyone??

    That cardi is lovely on you - give it another chance, I think the colour os perfect!

    Great outfit!

    Sal xXx