Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hangs head in shame...

I've been such a hideously bad blogger lately, not only have I not been posting but I've barely commented on anyone elses. I am still reading though.

Just lately my life has got pretty people intense and as much as it is lovely to spend lots of time with family and friends, it means that when I go online I hide. Time for sewing has suffered badly too which can't last as from next week I will (all being well) be registered as self-employed! It's kind of a big deal as I really want it to work out, so I have to get on with setting up my Etsy shop and working out how to promote myself when I'm so shy and prefer to stay in the background.

The oldest offspring has returned from her season repping in Rhodes and is yet to find gainful employment, it is lovely to have her back though.

So consider this post to be a massive apology. I will leave you with a picture of me attempting to model a dress which is approximately two sizes too small for me!


  1. Ah,you cutie!!!
    So pleased you're back!!!
    HGow incredibly fab that you'll be self employed!!OMG!!! I'm WAY impressed!Go girl!!!

  2. Oh, I am pleased for you. You must put a link to your Etsy shop so's we can check you out.
    The cardi is amazing and i can't believe your daughter's back already, summer really has flown. xxx

  3. Yay for your return hun..
    I have a jacket on my blog sale page which made me think of you xx

  4. Oh that's such exciting news about the self employment! Definitely get a link up to your etsy store - I can never resist a lovely handmade thing!