Friday, 5 February 2010

These are my two favourite necklaces in the world ever. They are both by therealiolithie on Etsy who is a genius with beads. The one on the left is made with tiny black beads, little red teardrop beads and vintage silver stars. The one on the right is made with tiny multicoloured beads and a random assortment of beads made predominantly from glass but also wood, fabric, metal and semi-precious stones.

This is the outfit I wore today. My old favourite Long Tall Sally skinnies which I overdyed black. I don't often wear jeans, they are uncomfortable and never fit right but these are perfect.
The shirt is a recent New Look sale purchase. I've never done checks before but I love the colours in this which are so much better in real life. I'm not entirely sure about it, it is comfy and fits well and I feel good in it but I'm just not sure how 'me' it is, it is a bit samey and ubiquitous. Opinions?
It was fantastic to be able to wear proper shoes again after all the snow and general horrible weather and it was the first outing for the purple ballet pumps.


  1. The purple pumps are FAB! The shirt is a lovely colour and I love checks, but it could possibly do with some interest in the middle - maybe a belt?

  2. Hmm, exactly what I thought. It might just be that I'm tall so there's just too much fabric going on. I'll try a belt but I'm not very good with them.

  3. Great base, fab blouse and cute shoes. I was thinking of a waistcoat to add a touch of interest.

  4. A waistcoat would be good! A proper man's one would probably be a good look, something else I don't wear and probably should.

  5. I agree a waistcoat would look fab wth that outfit. Am loving the purple pumps too.

    You've inspired me to get back into beading after seeing those necklaces, so thank you x

  6. Ooh I love those necklaces, and the colours on your top are fabulous :)