Thursday, 25 February 2010

from despair to hair - the big reveal

Once again ignore my face, I look rather strange and fearsome but I'm not I promise!
The pink won, where it had been off-black it stayed dark. I managed to achieve a shaded effect by having three different colours in my hair so it goes from bright pink at the roots through mid pink to dark pink at the ends. I love it I think.

I went out last night, Mr Fuzzyfelt was being dj in the wine bar, here's my outfit, I seem to be wearing a top but no bottoms, she dress think might be a shirt, it's very short despite being from New Look's tall range. I'm wearing 140 denier teal tights with enormous-holed fishnets on top. I think it worked despite the derogatory comments from my daughter.

Edit - note to self - proof read before publishing, a big whoops to the typos!


  1. Love it! Fabulous shade, goes perfectly with your style. Love the outfit, too. Kids? Pah, since when did they have a clue?

  2. Your hair turned out lovely. The graduated look with the colour is a nice result. x

  3. The pink is fabulous. I like your tights too - love fishnets over coloured tights. :)

  4. The hair is fab! Makes me think of cartoon characters(in a good way!)

  5. Brilliant hair - I love it!
    Vicki xx

  6. very cool looks great

  7. Great hair, amazing color!

    I love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  8. Your hair doesn't look like you've done it yourself - I would think you'd had it shaded at the hairdressers.

    Fantastic colour which really suits you.