Thursday, 18 February 2010

The one where I show off my food shopping

I'm not sure if this whole outfit blogging is for me. I'm a lot better about having my photo taken these days but I don't like to have to look at pictures of myself. I have just spent 30 minutes trying to get a decent pic (admittedly a good amount of that was spent wrestling with the new tripod!) and when I eventually got one that looked ok I decided I hate how my dress looks on me, it is just too short like most things on my out-of-proportion legs. So I think I'm much better off imagining my clothes look fine rather than having the reality hit me in the face. Don't get me wrong, I don't spend all day screwing myself up over how I look, I'd just rather not think about it and get on with life. I will still be blogging my clothes however, I'll just enlist the help of Muriel the model.

You may or may not be familiar with the online clearance food retailer Approved Food. You may or may not have ordered from them. I do, on a very regular basis, my garage is full of their boxes. You never know what they will have in stock so when they have something you like, or think you might like you have to order loads.

Anyway...I was so impressed with the order that arrived today I had to blog it.

My haul included -

3 buckets of popcorn

12 strawberry Yazoo milkshakes

5 packets of Jammie Dodgers

20 packets chilli and lemon crisps (not in the pic, a full box cost 1p!)

4 huge bags paprika crisps

18 Wagon Wheels

3 big bags liquorice

5 Ainsley Harriott Keema Masala dinner kits

12 vegetarian Burgamix (each pack makes 2lbs of burgers)

12 Granose nut roasts

2 x 1 litre bottles of mayonnaise

12 packs Ainsley Harriott savoury basmati rice

This lot cost just under £17 and that's including the £5.25 delivery cost!


  1. Ooh, and I've now worked out how to get the pics where I want them!

  2. Well done on the AF haul! I've always been tempted by them, but never actually ordered (we don't actually eat of lot of the stuff offered, so...)

    I would love it if you did keep modelling your own outfits, though. I always detest my own pics at the time, but then looking back they aren't as bad as I think.

  3. Ooh, I've never heard of them, but it certainly sounds like something worth looking at, provided I can find *any* storage space in my flat - i have too much stuff !!

  4. I've not seen them before, I'd just end up buying lots of fattening treats!


  5. Ive been tempted to order of AF before, how does it work with the use by dates as I heard most of them are either out of date or very close to it? Not that food stays still long enough in this house to get out of date! How long do they generally take to deliver?

  6. Well I'll definitely be blogging my hair as soon as it's done (next week hopefully!)...

    AF have such a random assortment of stuff, sometimes it's brilliant and sometimes you fill your basket and it is full of chocolate and crisps - when that happens I ALWAYS walk away, I'm very good =)
    Most stuff is past the best before date which doesn't matter at all, most stuff is just outside the date and some stuff is quite spectacularly past the date but to be honest everything I've had has been fine, even the 4 years out of date chocolate which was something like 20p a case! Delivery is usually within 3 days or so unless they've been in the media, then it takes a bit longer.

  7. Ok, I so need to get on the Approved Foods bandwagon.

  8. Wow, never heard of them but what an absolute bargain. Baggsie the Jammy Dodgers and vegeburger mix,yum!

  9. Ooooh thank you for enlightening me to this website! They have some real bargains on there.

    Must avoid all the naughty stuff though!

  10. I like Approved Foods very much - they quite often have Free From stuff on sale which I can actually eat, yay!

  11. Wowzers! Going to check out this website now - sounds (and looks!) amazing!