Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Just lately I've had a hankering for headbands. Mostly to cover up my lack of hair, but actually my hair isn't so bad, the henna continues to repair the damage I've done, it is growing, my delightful little baldy patch is all but grown back and I now have a fringe I can live with. Anyway. I've been hoarding some beautiful sari silk yarn and decided to use some of my precious stash for a crocheted headband.
It doesn't exactly look right does it?

It was missing something.

Ears to be precise.

That's better.

Isn't it ridiculous that I look better in bear ears? Maybe I was a bear in a former life or something.


  1. OMG I love it!! Did you make this!?!
    I desperately want this!!

  2. I love them both but the bear ear one is just utterly glorious. Also you look about 20 in those photos!

  3. Thay both look fabulous but the eared one takes the award for most genius! You do look absolutely stunning, glad about the hair regrowth. I've saved the link you sent me about henna, I may be brave. xxx

  4. You are looking fab in those photos and I love the ears headband! For my SW recipe I just bunded the pasta in uncooked and it came out fine.
    Kandi x

  5. Yowza,you look totally hot inthat eared one!!! Yep,you suit ears.Fantastic!!!

  6. Wow they are both brill but there is something extra special about the one with ears! You look amazing in the pics, your skin looks flawless. x