Monday, 11 October 2010

Working in my pjs

So I finally did it. I've spent the last few days obsessing about setting up my Etsy shop, in fact I've spent the last few days setting up my Etsy shop, it isn't as quick as you'd imagine - easy but not quick! Today I informed the tax peeps that I am now self employed, that bit was really easy oddly.

Along the way I've discovered that making photo collages is really easy, I love Picnik to bits. Look!

But it's now done and bar a few more organizational and promotional bits and bobs I can get on with my life and maybe even some sewing!

I've also been terribly clever and put a link on my blog. Look - there it is on the right.

If by chance any of my readers would like something, give me a shout, I do mates rates, very good ones =)

I had some lovely complimentary comments on my last post, thank you all. The camera somehow got rid of the lines and wrinkles and funny skin but I don't mind that at all!


  1. I was checking out your shop earlier, it's fabulous! You are a clever girl.
    I was amzed how easy it was to call about becoming self-employed, the man was so sweet he even wished me good luck. xxx

  2. Wow well done for setting up your shop your makes are beautiful! Load and Loads of luck with it.
    Kandi x

  3. Very lovely items, I am yet to make a collage but I will get there soon...I hope!
    Congrats on your etsy shop x

  4. Congratulations and good luck and best wishes with the shop! It's good to hear the tax people were nice to deal with, I'm going to have to do that myself soon

  5. Congratulations!!! Good luck in your venture, I hope you are hugely successful. Will be having a wee gander later. x

  6. Oh my god, green armwarmers? WANT! Sadly I have zip money till I get paid but I may well come shopping at the end of the month because they are flipping gorgeous. Hope the shop is a wonderful success :) Are you still selling well in the local shop too?

  7. yay for the etsy shop being up-and-running!!
    you shall have post ASAP!! :) X