Tuesday, 12 October 2010


My postman brought me a parcel from the glorious Helga today. Very much happiness, I love unexpected treats!
It was wrapped in a Cosmic Corner bag which is the best plastic bag ever! There was a scrummy strawberry card (thank you for not writing on the sweet koala envelope!), a brooch, a pottery necklace which I adore, some pineapple lumps (my new sweetie love),

a FANTASTIC furry hat and a badge.
Thank you so much! xxx
The next bit is for Alex -

This is Ottoline. If you haven't read Ottoline you really should =)
Here's a little teaser and an example of the beautiful ilustrations that are on each page -

I really must clean my camera lens but I'm frightened of hurting it!


  1. Ooh thank you! That book looks gorgeous. I'm a total sucker for anything with beautiful illustrations. Shall track down a copy :)

    Your parcel looks fab! The pineapple lumps sound very interesting and I can't wait to see you sporting the hat.

  2. I love Pineaplle Lumps, I rip them open and snaffle them within minutes of the postman arriving with a darling Helga parcel. xxx

  3. Lovely parcel from lovely Helga - the name of those sweets pineapple lumps ~ it kind of puts me off :)
    Kandi x

  4. Yay,it arrived safely,promoting the pineapple lump delites around the world!Damn things are made in Aus now,which pisses me off.But they are yummy!
    Hope that hat fits!Thought it would be just the ticket for winter!

  5. Yay to parcels!! Such a great feeling getting a wee package of treats. How lovely of Helga. Can't wait to see the hat on, will be so cosy for the cold thats just around the corner. x

  6. Treats indeed! I love it when a package arrives.
    I am too scared to death of cleaning my camera lens, which is prob why my good camera and all it's bits are sat in a box in my desk.

    Just wanted to say thanks for your supportive comment on my blog the other day. I think I've learnt that some people are just plain insane.

    Please feel free to enter the new giveaway on my blog.