Friday, 22 October 2010


I have the worst memory. If it isn't in my diary I generally forget to do it. Sometimes I forget to check my diary, like today when I completely forgot to pick up my middle daughter's prescription which she needed yesterday, whoops, bad mum alert! Not only do I have my diary, most days I write 'to do' lists as well. Here is an example from last Sunday-

They have to be pretty detailed as you can see and often feature what time I have to do the school run and other obvious stuff. Is this normal? I'd love to know how everyone else gets through the day.

Today I a treaty parcel from the lovely Char at t*rexes and tiaras (couldn't for the life of me do a link for some reason), a gorgeous little padded bag and the cutest panda brooch, both made by her own fair hands, and so well made I had to check! Thank you so much Char =)

Some of you wanted to see me wearing the furry hat that Helga sent me and I've finally got around to photographing it. I think it looks highly glamorous, especially with the feather clip.

Close up of the feathers, I have the same one in black. They were a present from a friend, originally from Dorothy Perkins I think.

Thank goodness for my youngest offspring, I couldn't manage a decent pic myself. Check out the family nose!

I hadn't dropped food down my top, it was a random bit of something that had caught on my chest-shelf!

I quite like the idea of wearing feathers on both sides like ears or something, I must have a bit of a thing for ears at the moment!
In other news I had my first Etsy sale today, a pair of my gloves will be winging their way to the US tomorrow morning wahey!!!


  1. The hat looks awesome on you. The feather just sets it off nicely.
    I am rubbish at remembering things too. For the past 3 days I've been telling myself to phone someone back and I still haven't. I leave myself post it notes all over the place.
    Congrats on the Etsy sale! x

  2. LOVE the hat on you,darl!!!The feathery clip is perfect!
    My memory is shit too,and I survive by very concise lists too!!!Ha!

  3. I make loads and loads of lists - things fall apart if I don't! Love the first two items on yours - car boot followed by Wetherspoons sounds good to me!

    I got a Char parcel too - how clever is she to have made those bags?!

    The hat is tremendous - love the feathery clip addition

  4. That hat suits you lots, the feathers are beautiful too. Clever Char, what a lovely gift!
    I have a shelf that catches lots of stuff too, and my memory is crap, if it does not get written down there is a 50/50 chance if will be forgotten.
    Kandi x

  5. That hat is lovely and so are the bits Char made :)

    I have an awful memory, too x

  6. Congrats on your sale!
    Love the little parcel from Char. I've got a big bag of milinary feathers I picked up for peanuts the other day, a feather head dress is on the cards. xxx

  7. oooh yay that you liked it :)

    was browsing and wondered if these would quench your thirst for shiny dance-type tights ...

  8. Well if you're the disco goth, then come by mine. I have a boot contest. They're goth and then some. I'm in awe of your little gift, too.


  9. Love the idea of adding the feather to the hat - wouldn't have thought of that myself. It looks really good :o)

    I am always writing lists - only problem is half the time I forget to check them!

  10. Love tbe hat! Happy new year from Norway