Wednesday, 9 June 2010

It's vintage darling!

On Saturday I went to a vintage fair in Liverpool. It was very well worth going and I can't wait for the next one, I'll be saving up though, besides my splashing out a bit there was also the youngest offspring's love of accessories at the fair and her Primark spree to contend with and we spent £100 - yeek! Here's my spoils.

This is a large piece of fabric destined to become a mini dress, possibly a shift dress. Some kind of braid may well be involved. The shades of green are much richer and brighter in real life.

A fantastic stretchy printed nylony top (Mum did tell me the proper name for the fabric but I have memory issues!), again much better greens than the picture suggests. Some lengthening or shortening of the sleeves will be necessary but I'm not sure which yet.

I don't think this is vintage but it looks it. It's a fabulous shape but at least 2 sizes bigger than I am. It shouldn't be too hard to take in. Also the straps need to be lengthened a bit, not sure how I'm going to do that yet. I will wear this with a wide black belt to echo the black peek-a-boo lining.

There was also a handbag but I'm saving that for another day (for that read forgot about it until I'd taken all the photos and uploaded them!)
Here's a picture of me taken at the camp site last week, amazingly I'm not posing, I didn't even know it had been taken. I wore the skirt almost all week.

I got Mum to model my latest coat, the colours are completely random on this one (better in real life as per usual), I just wanted to clear some of the mess out of my sewing room so this was essentially made from scraps.
Things aren't too wonderful here, I'm struggling with life. She Who Has Autism has really upped the ante lately and if we get through the day without any major stress I consider myself lucky. I'm lying fairly low, trying not to get too grumpy and trying very hard not to eat too much.
Roll on the summer hols when fingers crossed things will get a bit easier!


  1. What wonderful finds! I do love a vintage fair for a truly random splurge!
    Can't wait to see what you do with the gorge fabric and the top and frock are just epic.
    Lovin' your skirt in the camping picture and your mum looks such a cool chick.
    I'm sure there's something in the air at the moment, 'cos even chilled out ol' me feels ready to explode.
    Keep strong!
    PS We're up in your neck of the woods for the Green Man in August, so I'm hoping to catch the Race Horses there. Any chance you'll be going? T'would be fab!

  2. Beautiful finds you lucky lady! I love love love that green paisley fabric, and the paisley skirt!
    Your latest coat is beautiful too, as is your model.
    Kandi x

  3. Ooh where was the vintage fair? Cross I missed it! You picked up some fab things.

    Your mum looks super trendy in the amazing coat. Are they selling well?

  4. Lovely items. I adore the print of the first one, I'm really keen on paisley print.

    Hope things improve for you. Hugs.


  5. Sorry to hear you're struggling a little at the moment. I hope things improve.

    The blue and white printed dress is just stunning. What a great find! x

  6. I love the coat your mum is modeling!

  7. Fab vintage finds! Fingers crossed things get easier for you soon.