Monday, 24 May 2010

Once again, it's been a while...

This is what I like to see, the face of a ten year old concentrating hard on the sewing machine

I was very proud of her, she was just practising with some scraps and she made a stretchy belt thing with fabric bits dangling from it which was very wearable. She loves sewing but the lure of the internet, Disney Channel and playing with friends is usually too much.
Here's a tee shirt I bought last week in Oxfam, I couldn't resist the lovely rainbow print

It now looks like this

It only took about ten minutes to cut and sew but then I decided to make the braid myself, I plaited six strands of wool, it took AGES but I think it was worth it.

Here's some more things I've made recently

You might notice my hoods getting ever more extravagant, some of them have even got sparkly tassles, I might have to start reining myself in a bit!

And finally, here's a picture of Mr Fuzzyfelt and myself at a rather splendid barbie at the weekend. I think I was quite near the bottom of a bottle of sweet white at the time!


  1. I expect I'll be wearing that exact same expression when I unpack my very new and very cute sewing machine! Eek, tis scary and exciting.

    Loving all the new creations, especially that fab black and red one. I assume they're selling like hotcakes?

  2. You have been busy! I bet those beauties are flying out of the shop.
    The teeshirt is just fabulous, I used to have roller skates with the same rainbow motif...I'm inspired.

  3. Oh well done with the tee, it looks lovely now !! and the cardi's are just fabulous!! you're very talented! xx

  4. They are brilliant, I love the hoods! I'm disapointed in you for employing child labour though, however busy you are, lol!
    Vicki xxx

  5. Wow you've been super productive. That t shirt is so cheery and I love how you've customised it. x

  6. you are so talented, and I am in love with your hair.

  7. Feck me,girl,but you are doing some fabulous work!~!!!Don't rein yourself in!!Feel the force and go for it!!
    Wa hey!!xxx

  8. I love the customised rainbow tee - it's so cute!