Thursday, 10 June 2010

Simple pleasures

Yesterday it rained. With a capital R, A, I, N, E and D. I was on the school run at the time and both the Youngest Offspring and myself got soaked. When we got home we took our wet clothes off, changed into dry ones and had half an hour sitting down with a hot drink and a book. It was lovely and peaceful and so relaxing it made me want to get wet more often!

Here's the bag I picked up at the vintage fair on Saturday (BTW huge apologies Alex, I am sometimes very dense and assumed because it was in Liverpool you'd know about it. Yes, my thought processes often have no logic!)

I was sitting on some steps while the Offspring had a cupcake (I have just been told off and been instructed to call her Lydia as she doesn't like offspring) and I spotted it on a nearby stall, it was positively calling to me. It was £8.50 and when I opened it it was completely pristine and the lining proclaimed it to be Jaques Vert, the yellowing leather care leaflet tucked into the inside pocket was the only clue to its vintage. I'm not usually an 80s girl but I'm making an exception in this case!

I'm going to a thing in Wrexham on Saturday, it seems to be a craft / vintage fair with live music as well. I'm not sure if it's going to be any good but it's free entry so nothing to lose. If anyone local is reading this it is at Central Station in the afternoon.

You might like to nip over to YouTube now to listen to some Offspring because despite what Lydia thinks they are really very good!


  1. THAT is a rather stupendous bag,sweetheart!!!

  2. Jacques Vert bag, top score! There used to be a very posh boutique in town and the owner always displayed these bags in her window in a rainbow of colours, together with matching shoes and hats.
    Great colour combo!

  3. Haha, don't worry about it! I'm signed up to the Affordable Vintage Fair mailing list but they don't seem to have anything running in Liverpool soon so I think I sort of forgot to think about any other options. Where was it?

    That bag is fab - probably a good job I didn't go or we may have come to fisticuffs over it!