Friday, 14 May 2010

Purple people eater - or new hair alert!

Better isn't it? I've not had purple hair since my mid-20s but I really like it. Excuse my weird half-face!

A couple of things I've made recently -

Grey heart print angora hoody.

Blue 'denim' coat

Burgundy/purple/pink hoody dress. Please excuse the bad pic quality and colours, I photographed this one on my phone.

This weird thing is for a band I know, they wanted a huge screen to project images onto. It might not look it but it is HUGE - about 4m x 5m. the ribbons are there to tie the screen to whatever is available, later on I might have to sew new ribbons part way in from the side so it can be used smaller.

I bought a new handbag last week from a charity shop for £1, I just love it =)

Nothing special, it's plastic and unbranded. I think it was unused though. It measures about 8"x 8" and is just the right size for my everyday bits and bobs.

And finally, a new book!

It's the follow up to my favourite book ever (Yeah! I Made it Myself) and there are lots of things I want to make in this one. I haven't read it yet as it only arrived today but I've thoroughly flicked through it and despite the paper not feeling nearly as nice as the last book and just smelling completely wrong (the smell of a book is important, right?) I already know I love it. I can recommend it to anyone wanting to make wearable bits and bobs. I am especially thrilled at the idea of making fake fur ear muffs using an alice band as a base!

Now if you'll excuse me I need SLEEEEEEEEEP!


  1. I love that book, I bought the 1st one (Yeah, I made it myself) for my daughter a few years back - I'll have to add that one to my amazon list too!
    The purple hair really suits you. The clothes and bag are fab too :-)

  2. Hair colour is fab! I need that book in my life!

  3. Loving the hair, and as usual, in total awe of your creative talents.
    I've just ordered Eithne's new book, I spent a drunken few hours last year in her company, she's such a sweetie (and she probably got fed up with me repeatedly telling her).
    There's a parcel on the way!

  4. Your hair look fantastic! x

  5. I love the new hair colour!!

    The new coats are so amazing. The pointed hood on the first one is just fab.

  6. Your hair is fab - I love it. x

  7. Wow I love your hair - gorgeous colour :)

    That heart hoodie is adorable - wish I was that clever!