Saturday, 24 April 2010

Offspring no 1...

Here is my oldest offspring (dress, necklace, earrings and eyelashes courtesy of me)

She is working as a rep for Thomas Cook in Rhodes this summer. She was due to fly out just as the ash cloud hit so unfortunately her long journey to Gatwick airport was in vain and she travelled back home two days later after being accommodated at Thomas Cook's expense at the Hilton. Almost a week later she got the call to say the reps would be travelling by coach and ferry ALL THE WAY to Rhodes, a four day journey! Fortunately, on the morning she was due to go they rang and offered her a flight if she could get to the airport like NOW, I think she was one of the first flights out of Manchester and she was quite nervous. It all went without a hitch though and she arrived at her destination in time for something to eat and a little drink (possibly with not too much focus on the 'little' knowing Jazz) before bed.

If anyone would like to have a nosy at what she's up to you can find her here although I'm not sure how often she'll be able to update, reps work loooooong hours and she might not have internet access at her accommodation.

Have a fantastic season Jazz!xx

Do you like my new shoes? You have no idea how amazing it feels to be able to buy size 9 shoes where normal people buy their shoes, also how amazing it feels to be paying New Look prices for those shoes. Just £7 in this case for the beautiful blue shoes of shiny blueness.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. your daughter is gorgeous! and I LOVE those shoes of yours

  2. Ah, you must be so proud of her, and missing her a teeny bit too no doubt?
    Great shoes at an even better price, it must be fate that they had your size.
    Vicki xx

  3. She is very pretty. Best of luck to her for her job. I love Rhodes! How lucky to get a plane because that journey sounds hardcore.

    Great colour of shoes! And what a steal!


  4. What an absolute bargain on the shoes!

    And I hope Jazz has a fabulous time :D