Thursday, 22 April 2010

A catch up in pictures

I got it into my head last week that I was going to make a 70s style maxi dress for a gig I was going to on Saturday. Unlike me I didn't procrastinate and had it made in plenty of time. The pictures make it look a bit lumpy and weird, well it is but not that bad!

The blue is some kind of chambray effect pintucked stretchy stuff of unknown fibre content that cost me £1 per metre and the BEAUTIFUL trim fabric was a vintage psychedelic pleated dress I got off Ebay for very little, I think it turned out really well.

The shoes I wore with it were bought from Ebay a few years ago and I've never known what to wear them with - until now.

A couple of recent purchases. Firstly another Chopstix Waits skirt, It is full length on me but looks shorter in the pic
And another necklace by Therealiolithie on Etsy, the girl is a beading genius
That's about it for now, I'll be back tomorrow I promise!


  1. I just adore the coat you made for the shop. It looks so wonderfully cosy and the added details (the heart in particular!) are stunning.

    The maxi dress is a triumph too! You're ever so talented. :)

  2. Wow that maxi dress is amazing. You have great skills. Well done on another jacket, I'm sure it will fly out the shop.


  3. The coat is amazing, my personal favourite. That maxi is stunning, you are one clever lady.
    I bet it looked beautiful on you, as much as I hate the fact, they look better on tall people!
    Vicki xxx

  4. That dress is so fabulous :)
    and well done on the coat - i love the fact they will be wearing their heart on their sleeve ;) lol xx

  5. Oh you are seriously talented! The maxi dress is amazing - the trim is fab - and I'd love to get my hands on the coat and just stroke it. All the different textures and layers are just sumptous.

  6. Um wow, I am in awe of your dress making skills