Sunday, 25 April 2010

It is with regret...

...that I am leaving blogland for the time being. It seems my ex is stalking Mr Fuzzyfelt and myself to a greater extent than I thought. Now I don't mind anyone knowing what I'm doing or where I'm going, I have nothing to hide and I have done nothing wrong, nor do I intend to in the future. What I do mind is when people make it their business, or rather obsession to find out every detail of my life and then mistakenly believe this knowledge gives them some kind of power or control over me.

I will still be here, I will still be reading all your fantastic blogs but I'll be firmly in stealth mode. Thank you all for your lovely comments over the past few weeks, they really mean a lot.

I will leave you with a pic of me with my newest summer essential accessory

Bye for now! xx


  1. Oh no! That's really sad in both senses of the word lol!
    I'll miss your blog. Boo hiss to your ex for ruining it.
    Vicki xxx

  2. All this sounds rubbish and such a shame for you. I hope you come back soon... be happy, be safe. xx

  3. Thats terrible! I hope everything is resolved soon and you are able to come back and do whatever you want without worry or concern. xx

  4. What a jerk. Hope it doesn't keep you away from us for too long. Big hugs. x

  5. can I just say, it is a lacking not in yourself that has led to these events, that one person should after so much time still feel the need to know your every move and attempt to exert some kind of control over you with their assumed knowledge, is pathetic really...

    Things change, life moves on, simple as that.

  6. How deeply rubbish :( I hope things resolve themselves shortly and you're able to come back - we'll miss you.

    The bag arrived safely by the way and I completely love it. Thank you.


  7. Sweetheart!OMG!Fecking dimwit obsessive losers!!!
    Stay strong,silly dickhead will just shit in his own nest.
    LOVE!! X

  8. Aw, that's crap. Hope you'll get things sorted and be back soon. xx